Do not be scared. Rather we say"Be Ready" to your trip with Dr George Marcells or some other facial plastic surgeon. You will work together as a team to ascertain a plan of action that can get you the results you desire.

Are you aware there is something that you can do to prepare for your own appointment? Have a minute to learn these priceless truths concerning the process you're going to undertake.

There are quite a few differences between facial cosmetic and plastic surgery. To become certified as a plastic surgeon, a graduate of medical school has to complete an intensive program focused especially on cosmetic plastic surgery.

Cosmetic surgeons take classes -- often simply a few short evenings -- that gives them the right to carry out cosmetic procedures. They're nowhere as completely trained as a plastic surgeon

Truth: Unreal Expectations Do Not Fly

Cosmetic plastic surgery isn't magic, it is science. There are limitations to what it could accomplish. But whenever you have realistic expectations concerning the results of your process, you are more inclined to be thrilled with the outcomes.

Truth: Your Objectives, Your Surgery

A trusted surgeon such as Dr Marcells will not force you in process you do not need. Your physician could be in control of the knife, but you are responsible for the body. Let your physician know exactly what you do and do not want.

Truth: This Mistake Could Be Fatal

Far too frequently, individuals that are attempting to conserve money let themselves be placed into life threatening scenarios by undergoing processes within an non-hospital or practice setting. Do not do it. If a difficulty arises and there is no security straight up, you can die.

Every sort of operation and lots of cosmetic procedures possess a risk connected to them. You may dial down those dangers by selecting an experienced facial plastic surgeon that has been trained and is correctly accredited.

Truth: You Might Not Want More work

Do not worry that you're committing to a life of aesthetic processes if you opt to get facial plastic surgery. Many processes persist for a lifetime.

Your physician should know everything possible about you to ensure s/he will make great decisions about your own care. Even when you're ashamed, be honest once you're asked about your alcohol, tobacco, and drug usage.


"Each individual is completely different. Each circumstance is a exceptional situation and you can't just take a entire cookie cutter approach. Therefore, if you are doing trendy sculpting on a single individual, it is likely to be generally much like someone else, but there is always gaps which have to be dealt with. So it is a really unique and type of custom tailored encounter. With all the info online which the people today read, it is important to understand that everybody's situation is exceptional."

There's an art to it and there's a procedure which the surgeon goes with them in an individual basis."

"One more thing I believe folks might not know about plastic surgery and also the modern era, is the fact that it's extremely safe. I tell people when they say concerns about something terrible happening, that naturally you'll get complications, but we do so every day, each week and folks have it securely done all around the nation.

"In case you're undergoing plastic surgery in the 70s or even 80s, you will find just one or 2 things you could have the ability to get done for a specific issue. Currently there are always a few great things which are happening on many different levels and there is something for everyone. So someone might believe, I would not ever need to do operation, that is much too invasive for me or that is too much time commitment or there is too much downtime. However, currently there are lots of things which we may see to help them enhance both on the human body or the face."

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