Kestrel Heights Charter School

July 27, 2017

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New School Start Time!

It's almost time....Summer is coming to a close and school is ready to begin! Please be advised that this year ALL students K-8 will begin the school day at 8:00 am and end at 3:00 pm. The earliest time you can drop your child off is at 7:30 am.

Seats are avaliable!

Do you have a neighbor or friend who may be interested in enrolling their child at Kestrel Heights School? We have a few seats available in all grades!. Applications are available on our website or contact Ms. Vargas through email at in Admissions for more information.
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Important Upcoming Dates to Remember!

August 17 Open House

K-3 4:00pm-5:30pm

4-8 6:00pm-7:30pm

August 22 First Day of School

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Kestrel Heights School Elementary/Middle Supply List 2017-2018


kleenex tissues

antibacterial wipes

paper towels

blank CDs, case




hand sanitizer

Spanish- Kindergarten

1 composition notebook- for Spanish use only

1 pair student scissors

Spanish- 2nd grade

1 composition notebook - for Spanish use only

1 dry erase marker (Expo marker)

1 pk 3x5 index cards

1 ziplock bag

Spanish - 6th grade

1 composition notebook - for Spanish use only

1 pk 3x5 index cards

1 ziplock bag

1 pair student scissors


10 glue sticks

1 primary journal

2 packs of computer paper (or 1 copy paper and 1 cardstock)

2 pairs of scissors

1 hard cover binder with front pocket

1 box of sandwich sized bags (Boys)

1 box of snack sized bags (Girls)

2 boxes gallon sized bags (Boys and Girls)

4 spiral notebooks

3 packs of Expo dry erase markers

1 box of Papermate rectangular erasers

2 boxes of Ticonderoga pencils

2 boxes of Crayola crayons

1 large bottle of hand sanitizer (Boys)

1 package of baby wipes (Girls)

2 containers of Clorox wipes

2 rolls of paper towels

1 pack of markers

1 box of tissues

1st grade

1 bookbag (no wheels, large enough to hold a full sized binder)--labeled with name

1 lunch box--labeled with name

1 spill proof water bottle--labeled with name

3 boxes of crayons (24 count)

6 large glue sticks

2 boxes #2 yellow pencils (12 count)

1 pack dry erase markers

5 or more block erasers

1.5 inch binder---labeled with name

2 composition journals (with road lines no picture space)--labeled with name

4 two pocket folders (plastic material with holes) red, yellow, blue, gree

2 boxes of tissues

1 box gallon sized bags (boys)

1 box sandwich sized bags (girls)

1 container of baby wipes (for hands)

3 containers of disinfecting wipes

2 rolls of paper towels

1 ream of copy paper

1 change of clothes--labeled with names

**Please do not label any supplies with your child’s name unless otherwise noted.

2nd grade

2 reams of white copy paper

2 reams of color copy paper

2 box crayons (24 count)

1 box colored pencils (12 count)

6 pack of glue sticks

4 rolls of paper towels

1 pack of plastic forks & spoons

2 packs of Beveled pink wedge erasers

1 pencil bag (not a box)

3 boxes of pencils (wooden #2)

2 two-pocket folders – 1 each: green and blue

2 pair of scissors – blunt tip

2 bottles hand sanitizer

4 boxes tissues – 180 count or higher

Ziplock storage bags – gallon (boys), quart (girls) snack (everyone)

4 containers disinfectant wipes

1 4-pack low odor dry erase markers-black

1 pack construction paper- multi color

1 pack of sharpies

2 primary journal (early creative story tablet)

1 pair of dice

1 ruler

1 pack of highlighters—yellow

2 cans of Lysol spray

1 student dictionary

1 pack of blue pens

1 box of Band-Aids

1 notebook/sketchbook for Art class use only

Wish list: class specific wish list available from each 2nd grade teacher

3rd grade

1 book bag (no wheels)

2 boxes crayons (24 count)

1 box of colored pencils

1 ruler

2 large glue sticks

4 (24count) #2 pencils

3 block erasers

1 package pencil top erasers

2 red pen

3 packages wide ruled paper

1 1 ½in binder

5 wide ruled composition notebooks

5three hole-punched pocket folders (green, red, yellow, blue solid colors; NO prongs)

1 two pocket folder (any color/pattern)

1 pair of scissors (child size)

2 package napkins or roll of paper towels

4 highlighters

5 dry eraser markers (no red markers please)

3 boxes tissue

2 ream of white copy paper

2 pack of index cards (white, lined, 3x5)

1 notebook/sketchbook for Art class use only

1 pack cardstock

Wish List: Disinfectant (such as Lysol), hand sanitizer, Ziploc baggies (any size), plastic spoons and forks, colored copy paper (any color), Band-Aids, clorox wipes, tissue, cleaning supplies

4th grade

1 book bag (large enough to hold zipping binder)

1 ruler

1 protractor

1 box colored pencils

4 large glue sticks

#2 pencils (as many as possible)

1 hand-held pencil sharpener

1 package pencil top erasers

3 packages wide ruled paper

5 composition notebooks wide ruled

2 pair of scissors

2 boxes tissue

2 disinfectant wipes

2 Post-it notepads (medium sized)

2 highlighters (any color)

1 ream of copy paper

1 notebook/sketchbook for Art class use only

1- Three inch binder (zipper and strap preferred)

1 pk of 5 dividers (plastic with pockets preferred)

1 pencil pouch (3-hole to fit in binder)

1 pk 3 x 5 index cards

Wish List: spoons, forks, dry erase markers, dry erase cleaner, card stock (any color), paper towels, Band-Aids, index cards, invisible tape, Lysol spray, Zip-lock bags (gallon, sandwich, and snack size), graph paper

5th grade

1 backpack

1 ruler

1 box colored pencils

1 pack highlighters

1 package red pens

6 large glue sticks

1 pair of scissors

2 (12 count) #2 pencils (regular or mechanical)

1 3 ring binder pencil pouch

1 handheld pencil sharpener (that collects shavings)

2 packages college ruled paper

1 3inch, 3 ring binder with a zipper

1 package index cards (100ct)

4 spiral notebooks (red, green, yellow, blue)

4 pocket folders hole punched (if your binder does not have tabs)

1 pack post-it notes

2 disinfectant wipes

1 hand sanitizer

2 boxes of tissues

2 rolls of paper towels

1 ream of colored copy paper

1 notebook/sketchbook for Art class use only

Wish List: Disinfectant spray (such as Lysol), additional boxes of tissue, paper towels and clorox wipes, dry erase markers, Band-Aids, quart or sandwich Ziploc bags, extra glue sticks, pencil top erasers, plastic cutlery, band aids

6th Grade Science

Black and white composition book

One large binder ring [ for note cards]

Green three (3) ring binder


6th Grade Social Studies

Blue three ring binder (2 inch minimum)

Binder tab dividers ● Notebook paper (standard or college ruled)

Hand held pencil sharpener

Pencils (mechanical or wood) and/or black ink pens

Colored pencils or markers


Cleaning wipes

6th Grade Math

1 pack of mechanical pencils

One red three ring binder inch wide

One TI 30xa calculator

Five dividers

Notebook paper

Paper towels

Cleaning wipes

Expo markers

Plain (copy) paper

6th Grade ELA

1.5” white three ring binder

Notebook paper

Binder tab dividers

4 pocket folders with prongs


6th Grade Homeroom

Two boxes of facial tissue

One roll of paper towels or disinfectant wipes

Hand sanitizer

Dry erase markers

Small bottle of dry erase board cleaner

Pack of markers and/or colored pencils

Lock for student’s locker

7th Grade (Items needed for all core classes)

4 three ring binders no larger than 2 inches

2 packs of binder tab dividers

5 two-pocket folders

Notebook paper (at least 500 sheets)

4 composition books

Pocket dictionary and thesaurus

1 set of headphones for computer use

1 flash drive

TI30x calculator (same as required for 6th grade)

Pencil box with the following: ○ Pens - blue or black ○ Red pen ○ Pencils and erasers ○ Pencil sharpener with cap to catch shavings ○ Extra lead if using mechanical pencils ○ Highlights ○ markers

7th Grade Homeroom

2 boxes of tissues

2 rolls of paper towels

1 pack of construction paper

2 containers of cleaning wipes

Dry erase markers

Dry erase board cleaner

8th Grade

notebook paper

Pencils and pens


Graph paper

Colored pencils


3 subject notebook (for science; five star brand recommended)

1 2-pocket folder (for science)

dry erase markers (for math)

composition notebook (for math)

folder or binder (for math)

Set of thick markers, one scotch tape, and 6 glue sticks (to donate to classroom)

Composition Book ( for ELA)

2 Pocket Folder or Binder ( for ELA)

Highlighter ( for ELA)

1 inch 3 ring binder (for Social Studies)

1 2-pocket folder (for Social Studies)

8th Grade Homeroom

Disinfecting Wipes

Color copy paper

Thermal laminating pouches

Zip lock baggies


Facial tissue

Paper towels

Hand sanitizer

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Uniform Dress Code

KHS believes that a uniform dress code is an important part of a safe, orderly school environment where the focus is on students learning how to become respectful, responsible young citizens.

The policy allows for some student choice, yet establishes parameters for acceptable dress. Students at KHS should be in “uniform” from the time they arrive at school until they leave campus for the day.

The principal will review the uniform dress code annually and publish the requirements in the student handbook each year. Any student not in dress code will have to get in dress code or parents will be called to bring proper dress attire or will be sent home.

The following is a description of appropriate dress for students:


• Tan/Khaki, black, or navy blue pants/shorts for boys (twill material or corduroy)

• Tan/Khaki, black, or navy blue pants/shorts/skirts/skorts/jumpers/polo dresses (red dresses okay) for girls. (If students wear skirts or dresses; shorts, leggings or tights must be worn underneath in dress code colors.)

• Shorts length must be appropriate length (no shorter than the tips of fingers when down straight by the sides of the body). If pants sag then some type of belt or elastic is required.

• The following materials are NOT allowed: denim material, sweat pant material, “shiny” nylon material, legging material, jogger style pants, skinny pants.


• Shirts will be pullover, button polo, long/short sleeve in solid white, black, primary red, or navy blue.

• Button down dress shirts are NOT within dress code.

• Shirttails must be tucked in during the regular day.

• Logos and wording on the outside of shirts are NOT allowed (except for Kestrel Heights logo)

• Shirts need to be buttoned up enough to be appropriate for the educational setting (The Principal will be the final say on what is appropriate, shirts should not be revealing).


• Solid-colored sweatshirts, sweaters, or fleece (same colors as dress code shirts) are permitted. Polo shirts need to be worn under any outer wear.

• Hoods on sweatshirts (hoodies) are not allowed.

• Logos and wording on the outside of sweatshirts/turtlenecks/sweaters are NOT allowed (except for Kestrel Heights logo).

• Sweatshirt-like full or half zippers in dress code colors are allowed.

• Outerwear jackets are not to be worn in the classroom.


• Shoes (with laces tied) should be comfortable and have non-skid rubber soles. We recommend that students wear tennis or other “sport” shoes that are in good repair. Closed toe shoes only. Shoes must be worn at all times, unless classroom teacher allows it for a class activity.

No Flip-flops, high heeled shoes, or bedroom slippers are allowed.


• Any visible clothing (examples include undershirts, leggings, turtlenecks, etc) worn under the dress code must also be in one of the 4 colors (primary red, black, white, navy blue) and they cannot have any writing or emblems on them.

• Leggings or tights do not count as pants and cannot make up the lengths for short shorts, short skirts, or short dresses (all outer clothing must meet the fingertip rule).

Jewelry/headgear/extra external garments:

• Bows and headbands are allowed; animal ears or character bands are considered toys and are not allowed in school.

• Non-prescription eyewear is not allowed at school.

• Pierced ornamental jewelry is allowed but can be banned on an individual basis if it becomes a distraction.

• Necklaces may be worn but must be tucked under the student’s shirt.

• Clothing required by the tenets of a student’s religious tradition, such as headscarves or yarmulkes are allowed.

• Gloves are to be removed during the school day unless the class is involved in an outside activity and the weather deems them appropriate

• Vests (other than sweater vests in KHS dress code colors) are not permitted.

• Bracelets that cause any distraction will be asked to be taken off.

• No Electronic belt buckles are allowed. Other belt buckles that cause a general distraction will not be allowed either; this includes but is not limited to skulls, crowns, or other distracting items.

• Anything worn by a student that is causing a distraction to the school environment will be addressed by school staff, which could include removal of distracting item.

• Hats are not to be worn in the school building.

• Scarves (unless for religious reasons) are not allowed.

Dress Down Days and Friday Days

• Every Friday students will be allowed to wear any unaltered KHS shirt (no missing sleeves, no writing on shirts, etc.). These KHS shirts can be any KHS shirt bought through KHS. No “homemade” KHS shirts are allowed. Unaltered KHS logo sweat pants are allowed this day.

• The first Friday of each month is designated as dress down day.

• Students can lose their dress down days as a school, grade, group, or individually. Examples of reasons for losing dress down day are behavior and overall effort.

• During dress down days, students are allowed to wear clothes that are “appropriate” for school or they may wear dress code clothes. Clothes not allowed include shirts or blouses without sleeves, or shirts/blouses that expose cleavage or the abdominal area; skirts or shorts with lengths that do not touch a student’s fingertips when the student is standing with hands by his/her side; and clothing with vulgar or alcohol-, drug- or tobacco-related language. The “Other” category described in the preceding paragraph should also be followed. Students with questions about appropriate clothing should check with one of their teachers.

• No bedtime clothes are allowed during dress down days. Examples include bath robes and PJs.

• Teachers and Administration reserve the right to designate special dress days. (i.e. spirit week, presentation days)

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Important Health Information for ALL Students:

Per the NC Health Department and the Department of Public Instruction, all public schools are required to annually inform of the following information and vaccines available:

For parents of students all grades: Meningococcal Meningitis, and Influenza

For parents of students in grades 5th - 8th: HPV

For parents of students in grades 7th and 8th - Preventable Risks of Preterm Delivery

The Vaccine and Information Statement forms are located through the links below and are also available on our website.



State Health Assessment Forms

State law requires that every child entering public schools in N.C. receive a health assessment. If your child has enrolled at KHCS for the 2017-18 school for Kindergarten or your child is transferring from a private, home school or out of state, the State Health Assessment is required prior to the first day of attendance on August 22nd. Please send all completed forms to Ms. Vargas in the Admissions office, 4900 Prospectus Dr., Durham, NC 27713.


If your child is diabetic, please contact Ms. Vargas for information on setting up an individual diabetic care plan for your child.

Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)

FERPA: In accordance with the NC State Guidelines, we are providing you with information for The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). FERPA Information may be found here: This information is also available on our website.
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If your child is entering 7th Grade......

7th grade Immunizations: Children who start 7th grade on or after July 1, 2015 will be required to have vaccines recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to protect them from serious diseases. Students entering 7th grade will be required to have one dose each of Tdap (tetanus, diphtheria, pertussis) and meningococcal vaccines if they have not previously received these vaccines. Your child will have to provide proof of vaccination by the first day of school.

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Our new Lunch Vendor

Kestrel is happy to announce that our lunch vendor this year is B Sweet and Savory.

Lunch prices are:

$3.75 Regular

$1.00 Reduced

More information will be coming soon!

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YMCA Before and After School Care

We have partnered with the YMCA as a Before and After School Care option onsite at Kestrel Heights Charter School.

Both Before and After School programs will serve grades K-8. If you are interested in more information or registering for this program visit

Before School Care Prices

YMCA Member: $1289

Non-Member: $1548

After School Care Prices

YMCA Member: $2000

Non-Member: $2421

For more information contact the YMCA.

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Carpool World

The Kestrel carpool database available for our parents interested in carpooling with other KHS parents:

We will monitor the site to ensure only current KHCS parents are registered; however, all carpool arrangements and safety concerns are the responsibility of the parent.

8th Grade End Of Year Trip

Plan now to come and hear about the exciting 8th grade end of the year trip! This year we will be going Washington, DC.
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July 3 through August 4

Weekly Schedule: Monday-Thursday

Hours: 9 am-5 pm*

Main Office open to public 8am-3pm

*Admissions Office: Will be the same as all admin offices

*The main office is located at the Elementary School (K-5 wing) entrance.

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4900 Prospectus Drive

Durham, NC 27713