Should Abortion be Legal?

By: Abby Isom

I think that Abortion should be legal up until so many weeks.

  • Pros:
  • Accidental Pregnancy, the girl doesn't have to suffer if an accident occurs.
  • Reduces crime, the girl may kill the baby.
  • Population control, again if the woman has too many kids and can't afford anymore.
  • A baby shouldn't have to come into the world unwanted.
  • Abortion may cause women may face financial issues.
  • Cons:
  • Abortion is murder, if it has a heart and you kill it, you're murdering the baby.
  • The baby should have a right to live, but it doesn't because it cant talk.
  • Abortion causes psychological damage, I think it would make the mom go crazy if she has any conscious.
  • If a woman makes the mistake she should have to deal with the consequences.
  • Abortion may lead to medical problems in the mother.
I think that Abortion should be legal but there should be stipulations. If you are financially stable and old enough, out of school and have a job you should not be able to have an abortion. But if you are underage, still in school or at the poverty level you should have a choice. Also, if you have been pregnant for more than 3 months (12 weeks) you should not have the choice to have an abortion.