Tips for Taking Care of a Pet

To Care for Their Pets

Five ways to care for your Dogs

1) Make sure your dog gets enough exercise to keep him healthy.
2) Make sure your dog has a healthy diet, don't over or underfeed your dog.

3) If your dog is panting a lot give him some water to help keep him hydrated.

4) Ask your parents if your dog has been groomed recently because if he has matted fur it can hurt him.

5)Make sure your dogs have nothing in-between their paws, because when they walk it will cause them pain.

Five ways to care for your Cats

1) Make sure you if your cat has long hair to brush and groom him regularly.

2)Don't over or underfeed your cat, two meals a day is healthy for a regular size cat.

3) If your cat has a litter box, try to clean it every morning and night so your cat can have a clean litter box.

4) If you have string you can dangle it or pull it away from your cat to play with your cat.

5) Make sure to give your cat enough attention so you are aware of it at all times

General Information About Caring for all of your Pets

1) Make sure your pet has a healthy diet to keep it healthy, every pet is different

2) Love your pet and give it attention

3) Clean your pets "disposal" so you can keep it in a healthy environment

4) Groom your pet regularly