Room 225 Newsletter

January 17, 2013

Martin Luther King - I Have a Dream on August 28, 1963 [Sous-titres & Subtitles] [FULL SPEECH]
Online Yearbook Order

You can order yearbooks for the Tiffany Ridge 13-14 school year online! Use the ID Code: 11496014

Upcoming Events

December 20 - No School, Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

January 22 - Pizza Hut Fundraiser (4:00p.m.)

January 23 - Second Grade Musical (6:30p.m.)

January 25 - District Spelling Bee

January 24 - Family Movie Night (7:00p.m.)

January 30 - McTeacher Night (McDonalds by Zona Rosa) Begins at 4:00p.m.

January 31 - River Roll Skating (5:30p.m.)

February 4 - PTA Meeting (6:30p.m.)

February 7 - Mercury Gymnastics (6:30p.m.)

McTeacher Night!


Tiffany Ridge is dedicated to the Platte County Parks and Recreations Grant that we wrote and submitted for new playground equipment. Tiffany Ridge PTA plans to donate to the money raised at McTeacher Night to the purchase of new playground equipment. Please help make this an exciting event for TiffanyRidge and THANK YOU for donating your time to help raise this money.

See you at McDonalds by Zona Rosa on Jan. 30th.

Readers & Writers Workshop + Social Studies

During our Missouri History Unit, Room 225 has integrated Readers, Writers, and Social Studies. By integrating all three subjects, our class can fully investigate, create, and learn more about The Louisiana Purchase, Lewis and Clark, The Westward Expansion, and much more. Each student is deeply researching a specific topic of their choice related to our studies. With their research, they are organizing their information as well as citing their sources! (Big step!) Within their research, the students have to organize their content based on possible chapters and sub-categories to begin drafting for their Informational text based on their topic. We aren't just writing history, we're comparing and contrasting, looking at cause and effects, defining problems and solutions, and relating experiences from the 1800s to the time we are living in now. These kids are incredible!

Math Workshop

The students have been working so hard to tackle 2 by 2 digit multiplication. I couldn't be more proud of the work they have been doing to push themselves to succeed. We will continue practicing and pushing ourselves to be better mathematicians by thinking, "I know the process, but I need to know WHY the process works!" I have combined both Topics 7 and 8 seeing as they both adhere to multiplication strategies. We will have a test next Friday over Topics 7 and 8. We will practice and review next week.