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Newsletter September 23rd

SIOP Component 1: Lesson Preparation

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Writing Content and Language Objectives

The first two features of component 1 in SIOP are writing clear content and language objectives. Content objectives are taken from the TEKS. But what is a language objective and how do we write one? Think about how language will be used in your lesson: in your speech, in discussion, in reading, in writing, and in the activities. Align the language the students will use in your lesson with the ELPS. What language will the students need to use and know to accomplish the content objective? Here is a list of sample verbs for writing language objectives:
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There are so many more! Over time, add to the list and incorporate other active verbs for speaking, listening, reading and writing that students will need to use to understand the content objective.

Share the objectives with students, orally and in writing. As a result, students will know what they are supposed to learn each day. Review the objectives at the end of the lesson to determine if students have mastered them. Use that assessment when deciding to move to the next lesson, or spend some time reteaching.

Writing Language Objectives

Writing language objectives

Examples of Content and Language Objectives

ELL Tidbit of the Week

Have you tried using Attention Grabbers in your classroom? Here is a list of some great ones. Maybe you’ll find a new one you haven’t used before. Have fun with them!

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