All About Me

Taninder Thiara


Hi. My name is Taninder Thiara. I am originally from India but nobody can tell that. I moved to Canada when I was 2 years of age and that's where my real life started. I started off in Montreal and then moved to Brampton. Already you can see that I have already traveled a lot in the early years of my life and that is why the present me loves top travel. Since I've moved to Canada, I have gone back to my home country 5 times. Aside my home country, I've also gone on a full America tour in which I traveled across almost all of the U.S seeing the most known tourist attractions as well as all of the small ones, doing this all in a car. Along the way, I got to meet many new relatives. That is why now I always multitask now. The past 'Taninder' has created the present one. Also, because I traveled a lot, I got to try different foods. Once again, this is why now my taste buds prefer a variety of foods rather than the same ones all the time, specifically spicy foods. My past traveling has shaped what most of me is now, but there are some things that are unexplained. I for some reason really like to play sports, but not the everyday 'guy' sports. I like to play all different types of sports; I have a big passion for volleyball and ultimate frisbee. Perhaps it was because I tried it one day and really like it so I continued it. Also, my favorite food is Manchurian, you probably haven't heard of it. That is because I'm unique. That would be me in a nutshell but there is still so much about me that can't be expressed through words. I'm still a normal 16-year-old teen who enjoys playing video games but there are some aspects of me that set me aside from other people.

My Life Line

Re Visit

I revisited India again recently for a wedding this time around. I had a blast of a time at the wedding and alongside got to meet my relatives and my great grandparents, who are alive. I landed in India, this time, earlier, Feb 05 2015 when I was 15 years old, high school freshman.

My Favorite Things


I love to play games in my spare time. Sometimes, though, I do play more than I should. Although they are really fun to play and addicting. Some of my favorite games include the famous series Call of Duty and Grand Theft Auto 5. The console I play on is a PS3, 1 generation behind right now. I like to play games because I really like to use strategies while playing to progress the most as well as just entertaining myself. I'm a PlayStation person myself, NOT XBOX.Switch to PlayStation NOW.


Although technology may be a vague thing; I really like anything related to technology. Smartphones, computers, and photoshop are where I'm a genius. These three things are what I master at. That is because I use technology every day. I use my smartphone every day and when I get home, I use the computer. My skills are unbeatable when it comes to technology. That is why it is one of my favorite things. Below is my favorite technology shop. Who hasn't heard of Apple?I know more about Apple than Steve Jobs!

Me and Technology

This is just one thing that I did with technology, This is why I love technology so much!
The Life of a Baller


I really like a variety of foods. Spicy and sweet, I like them all. I included this in my favorite things because I don't like to eat the same thing every day. I like a change in food because that's just who I am. If I had to eat the same thing for even a week, I wouldn't survive. Below is a link to my favorite food place. Go ahead, order a Veggie Lovers pan pizza. That's what I would do.

My Leadership Style

Leader as Teller

My leadership style is a leader as a teller because I'm the one who tells other people what to do. I make all the decisions with minimal input from the team. One example of when I displayed this was when I lead a dance crew. I was the leader and told everyone what to do as well as choreographed the whole thing. No wonder we won.

My Influences


My main influences would be my friends, specifically my neighbor who is the closest to me in the sense of friendship. He has always pushed me forward to my full capability and has also taught me a couple of things along the way. Internally, he has always been close to me during my toughest moments. Externally, he has pushed me to play my favourite sports to fullest. He has helped me train, work hard and never loose hope. (he doesn't want his name to be put in)


Another one of my influences would be Faze Rain. He's not an ordinary YouTuber. He's not only successful but he is very influential. I've been watching him since I was 10 years old and he has really influenced my life in the way that to always look at everything in a positive manner. Every one of his videos is entertaining and are always getting a positive message through. Internally he has helped me stay calm at my angriest moments. Check him out

Role Model


My dad is the most important person to me for several reasons. Firstly, he has taught me several skills that I wouldn't learn at school. My father and I built a whole basement together. Along the way, I got to learn so many things that could help me in my household. Furthermore, he has been a good father overall. He has only bought me the things that are right for me. He hasn't spoiled me by fulfilling all of my demands. He is my role model who I want to become but at the same time, he's my dad.

My Future


In the future, I see myself as a successful engineer of some sort. I haven't made up my mind of which type of engineer, but it will for sure be an engineer of some sort. My second resort would be an architect. This would be something that I'm for sure interested in, but not as much. Lastly, floating at the back of my mind is to be a mining and forestry manager because of the money. Something to think about for sure.

Family Symbols


The main factor that describes my whole family is Sikhism. All of my family is very religious. We worship our god by doing prayers every day and by visiting the Malton Gurudwara on weekends (Place of Worship). This symbol is called the Khanda and is the sign of my culture. Visit the site for more information on my culture,everyone's welcome.


My whole family is from India. That may be obvious by my turban, which is also a sign of my religion. India though is the place where all my gods stepped foot. There are many places in India that are very important like The Golden Temple. India overall holds importance to my family.
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This plane a key symbol for my family. This because we travel a lot. Whether that be close distance like Brampton to Montreal or half across the world. I've been to Montreal over 10 times and counting, have been to India over 5 times and counting and finally America once when I traveled through most American states and going back this year. Also, you can't forget all the places I've been when I had a stop on the way to India. That would include Amsterdam, Paris and Switzerland. In short, we travel a lot. My best experience on an airplane would be the one I just went on, non-stop flight to India. Planning to go to India, use the site below.

Personality Tests

Learning Styles Test

In this quiz, I got to find out how I learn. The results came out that I'm a Kinesthetic learner. This means that I'm very hands on. I find these results very accurate as I know that is how I learn. The results stated that I'm 43% kinesthitic. I agree while at the same time I would feel that I'm more so kinesthatic.

Personality Test

In this quiz, I got to learn that my personality type is ESTJ, Extroverted, Sensing, Thinking, Judging. ESTJs are objective, decisive, driven and are comfortable in group settings and working with others. They gather facts, figures and information through their own personal experiences and seek stability and order. I feel that I'm exactly that. I feel good when working in groups and am a little decisive.

Interests Test

In this quiz, I got to learn that my primary interest trait is art. I completely disagree with these results because I completely hate the arts. I am not interested in visual arts,musical, or drama/dance. Also, this quiz said that my interest type is Trailblazer, one who creates a path for others to follow. I completely agree with this because I have full confidence that I'm one who creates the path, instead of the ones who just follow.

Knowledge Test

In this quiz, I got to know that my top subject is business with computers in second and mathematics in third. I completely disagree with this because I know that computers would be the first, math second, and business last. I am a full computer person and I also want to pursue this when I grow up. So then how can computers be second when I rarely even talk about business.

Motivations Test

According to this quiz, my top motivational factor is independence. I completely disagree with this result because I know that I'm an outgoing person. Also, I think the quiz is inaccurate because I answered most of the questions as outgoing.

Multiple Intelligences Test

After completing the Multiple Intelligences quizzes, I found out that I’m very strong in the logical area and interpersonal area. I got a rating of 10/10 in the logical area and 9/10 in the interpersonal section. I feel that these results are accurate and correct because I am very logical and I know other people very well, making me interpersonal. My weakest area would be verbal strength with my second weakest being naturalist. Throughout the middle would be Musical, Existential, Kinesthetic and Visual strength which are all basically around the same amount.

After looking at these results and analyzing them, I was actually not that surprised because these results were pretty accurate. I found out that I’m very strong in the logical area which I find pretty accurate. Although I was surprised by the order of my results as I thought my Verbal strength wouldn't have been my weakness, I know that it isn't my weakness as well as naturalist. I am not that environment but I think I am more than Musical, which beat it by 10 points. Now that I know my strengths, I will use this to help me learn now as I will try not to be so logical and try to view things from a different angle.

True Colours Test

I completely agree with the true color assignment. I feel this way because after reading the explanations of what everything is, the adventurous orange position fits me perfectly. I am playful and fun-loving, yet love being competitive. When it comes to playing games, I’m really competitive but at the same time, I care for the other person. If perhaps the other person has lost an excessive amount, putting aside my competitive, I will let them win.

Also, I’m adventurous orange because I’m adventurous and like to take risks. When it comes to going on high rides and/or trying new things, I’m that person. I will always attempt to try new things whether that be trying new foods or attempting a new sport. That ties into me being a risk taker. I like to take risks in all circumstances. From the silliest things to the most obvious things. For example, I would right away agree to do a cinnamon challenge, which most people would think as silly.

Try It

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