Lisa McMann


The main characters in this book are Alex Stowe, a creative and magical teenager who believes everybody should have second chance. And Aaron Stowe is twin brother a smart and evil teenager who everybody who is unwanted should be killed.
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I chose this picture because it is the title of my book


This is set in an island surrounded by ocean and other islands. It is set in modern times. Its main settings are Quill the country/state where the wanted, and the necessaries. And the Boiling Lake/ Artimé were the unwanteds live.
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Here is Alex riding Simber, a magical flying cheetah that guards the mansion at Artimé.


In the normal world of Quill at the age of 13 everybody is sorted in three categories. Wanted, Unwanted, and Necessary. If you were creative, imaginative didn't follow every rule you broke a law. If you were unwanted you were sent to the Boiling Lake to be killed. But in reality they were taken in by a mage who was the leader of Artimé. He taught the children how to use their imagination to make magic. Aaron becomes the secretary of The High Priest. When Quill finds out that the Unwanteds are still alive they wage war against Artimé. What will happen? Read the book to find out.
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This pictures shows some of his videos.