Mission Meadows Principal Update #1

October 20th School Re-Opening Information and Procedures

Dear Parents and Guardians of Classic Students,

I hope this newsletter finds everyone well! Hopefully by the time you finish reading this newsletter, you will have an understanding of how the in-person Vista Classic School re-opening is organized for the first day, which is Tuesday, October 20, 2020, and also moving forward. The Office Staff, Health Staff, Support Staff, and the Classic Teachers, are very excited to be on campus with students.

Our number one priority will be the health and safety of everyone who comes on campus each day. Therefore, at this time, only staff, students, and teachers will be permitted on campus. On Tuesday, October 20, there will be four gates for students to enter/exit campus depending on their respective grade level. Students will use the same gate assigned to their respective grade level for entering campus and exiting campus. There will be an entry/exit gate for (TK/K), an entry/exit gate for (1st & Ms. Carrie's Class), an entry/exit gate for (2nd & 3rd), and finally an entry/exit gate for (4th & 5th). (Please see attached photos.)

We also need to minimize the number of adults on the campus sidewalk to help us maintain social distancing. Therefore, if you drive to Mission Meadows, please drop your child off using the "Cage Drop Off Car Lane," (see photo below) where your child will exit your car under the supervision of two staff members. DO NOT PARK AND WALK!

If you do not drive to Mission Meadows because you live within a few blocks of school, you can walk with your child to their grade level's gate while maintaining appropriate social distancing protocol. Students who ride the bus will exit their bus and will also walk to their assigned grade level entry gate.

Prior to the first in-person Vista Classic day at Mission Meadows on Tuesday, October 20, please review the Board adopted COVID-19 Student Agreement with your child, so that they understand their role in the prevention of COVID-19.

Student Entry Gate Procedures:

Students must come on campus already wearing a mask. At their grade level's entry gate, students will have their temperature taken by staff with a touchless thermometer, and be given a squirt of hand sanitizer for their hands. There will also be extra masks at each gate just in case a student is having an issue with their mask, or if they forgot to wear a mask to school.

Students will immediately go to their class line using social distancing protocols. Breakfast will not be served before school, but will be offered for free through December 30, 2020, for all students during their first recess (Second Chance Breakfast). Lunch will also be provided free for all students through December 30, 2020. Breakfast and Lunch will be pre-plated by CNS staff to maintain sanitary protocols.

You may pack a small "easy to open, easy to eat" morning snack and send it with your child to eat while they sit at their morning line, if you feel that your child cannot wait until their first recess to eat, which would be approximately 1 to 2 hours after the 8:00 a.m. beginning bell depending on their grade level. As a reminder, a pre-plated breakfast and lunch will be free for all students through December 30, 2020.

Classroom Procedures:

Classic Teachers will remove as much non-essential furniture from their respective classrooms prior to October 20, in order to create additional space between each individual student desk. The teacher will maintain at least a 6' of distance from their students, and will also be wearing a mask. Teachers will also have the option of wearing a face shield in addition to their mask. Student desks will be separated by at least 6' as practicable within the confines and configuration of your child's classroom.

Teachers will incorporate Hand Washing opportunities throughout the day, students will not be sharing any classroom materials, and when possible, outside learning will occur. Teachers will create a seating chart for their students in order to document and maintain a stable student desk placement procedure, and for Contact Tracing purposes, just in case there is a positive COVID-19 student case documented within their classroom. When inside the classroom, teachers can open the windows and the door to help circulate fresh air into the classroom. All HVAC filters have also been replaced in each classroom's air conditioning unit.

Teachers and Noon Duties will also be provided with First Aid Kits to address minor issues within the classroom, so that our Health Office can be used for more pressing health issues. We also have an Isolation Room available if any student or staff member shows any symptoms related to COVID-19. Parents will receive information from the Superintendent regarding the COVID-19 Decision Tree (English) COVID-19 Decision Tree (Spanish) with regards to the procedures for COVID-19 symptoms and documented positive cases.

Recess and Lunch Procedures:

During morning recess and at lunch, student classroom cohorts will not mingle with any other classroom cohort of students. Classrooms will be assigned cafeteria tables to sit at with only three (3) students sitting at each table in a triangular formation (two on one side and one on the other side) using "Sit Here Spots." Students will not be allowed to interact with other students from other cohorts before school, at recess, or during lunch (even with their siblings).

When students play during recess and lunch, their class will bring out a large bucket with recess items for only their classroom cohort to use. The bucket and play items will be sanitized at the end of each day. Handwashing will occur before and after each recess and lunch recess. Each classroom cohort will play in an assigned area coned off using colored cones. Below are some examples of how we are utilizing our playground area to maintain social distancing between classroom cohorts.

End of the Day Departure Procedures:

At the end of each day (Mondays at 1:00 p.m. & Tuesday - Friday at 2:16 p.m.), all teachers will walk their entire class to the gate used by their grade when they arrived to school in the morning. Once teachers have assembled their class of students in a socially distanced line at their assigned gate, they will be notified by the office to release the bus riders.

Parents cannot congregate on the sidewalk directly in front of the main gates because students will be exiting four different gates to either board their bus, walk to the Car Cage Student Pick Up area, or to walk home. Please look for the "Stand Here" spots/lines if you will be picking up your child at their grade level's assigned gate. Everyone must do their very best to practice social distancing, which includes the mandatory wearing of a mask if you are walking on the school sidewalk.

We encourage you to pick your child up by car if at all possible, which will minimize the number of people walking on the school sidewalk. However, as stated before, if you are truly a "Walker" because you live only a few blocks away, you may walk to school to escort your child home. If you drove to school to pick up your child, please do not park to then walk up to pick up your child. Please stay in your car and use the "Car Cage Student Pick Up" area.

The campus and all of the rooms will then be cleaned and sanitized at the end of the day. Thank you for reading this long, but important newsletter regarding the re-opening of Mission Meadows for Vista Classic students only. Vista Virtual students will remain in distance learning with their distance learning teacher. Thank you also for your patience and grace as we all navigate this new reality. If you have any questions or concerns, please use the contact information found below in this newsletter. Please also visit our Health and Safety page on our school website for additional information. Have a wonderful weekend! Be well and be safe!


Dr. Porter

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