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More on ACTS Group 3.0

“Catching Up” It is something we do at the end of summer as difference aspects of routing school or routine work or other rhythms take hold as we enter the fall season. We run into people at Starbucks or we see someone back from a vacation or at a football game. We swap stories of what has transpired in the past week, weeks or months. We experience a reconnection of friendship and community and common direction. Who have you “caught up” with in the last few weeks?

One of the things I have been catching up on with people since August is the new structure and more focused purpose of ACTS Group 3.0. In our end of summer update sent a couple of weeks ago (read here), I had the opportunity to share some of the outcomes and applications that are taking shape as we move out of the summer heat and into this new season. One priority for the ACTS Group from the inception has been using communication tools of the day – social media, e-news, podcasting and video – to elevate the work of gospel movement in the region through many leaders, initiatives, organizations and ministries. Some of the most important work of the ACTS Group has been creating platforms for communication. Staying connected through social media and these kinds of updates can really build strength in relationships between the “catching up” times face to face

In this new season, ACTS Group is actively refreshing our web presence and communication tools. We hope you notice the changes and we welcome your feedback. Podcasting will return through Convergence in October as we host Q Commons Sacramento. For now, I encourage you to take a listen to this podcast recording from Reliant Creative where I share more on ACTS Group 3.0 - The interview by the hosts starts 10 minutes into the podcast.

Jeff Kreiser - ACTS Group Director
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Convergence and Q Commons

Convergence is back with our Fall premiere event, Q Commons Sacramento. This will be a key time to reconnect in the Sacramento region by bringing gospel based leaders together to building relationship and find ways to walk and work together. We are in a new venue, Beatnik Studios, that allows us to accommodate over 200 people around the local speaker themes of Leadership, Civil Public Discourse and Answers to Race. You can read about national speakers and register for Q Commons Sacramento here. If you are reading this elsewhere in the country, Q Commons continues to grow nationwide and you can find the Q Commons near you here

This year for Q Commons Sacramento we are offering Table Sponsorships. You can buy a table which includes 8 registrations, 6pm pre-party with meet and great with our local speakers, and a table in the portion of the room that you prefer. If you are interested in table sponsorship, contact Merisa Moy at

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Prayer Leader's Fellowship Report

On September 10th, CityPRAYS had a quarterly Prayer Leader's Fellowship at Sunrise Community Church in Fair Oaks, CA. Prayer Leader’s Fellowship is a core strategy that celebrates and encourages the prayer leaders of congregations and ministries from around the city. This event had roughly 30 prayer leaders meeting together for breakfast, worship, prayer, and teaching; all based on the idea of surrendering to Christ. Thank you Sunrise Community for hosting. If you know the prayer leader of a local church or ministry, let me know and we will invite them to our next event on December 3.

Mike Brill - SacramentoPRAYS
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Every School Partnership: One Year Later

Can you believe it's been one year since the official launch of Every School Partnership? We have loved watching the unique and various ways churches are reaching out to kids and families through their local schools. In looking at the climate of the church/school partnerships, we have found that as of the Fall of 2016, 20 out of the 40 communities/cities that make up the Sacramento region have active church/school partnerships and 12 out of 31 regional school districts have at least one church/school partnership! Some of these partnerships existed prior to our launch a year ago and we celebrate the ongoing effort of these congregations. The rest of these partnerships are new and growing! Entering year 2, the focus will be going from seasonal projects to long term partnerships and deepening the efforts and relationships that churches have with public schools. We look forward to another year of helping churches develop school partnerships in our region! See our most recent Every School Partnership report here!

Megan McCleary - Serve United Director


G. Henry Wells, Pastor Emeritus, Fair Oaks Presbyterian Church

“Almost four years ago, the Luis Palau Sacramento Festival accomplished many things, but none more important than bringing pastors and churches together in unity and purpose to reach the lost with the gospel of Jesus Christ. Jesus emphasized that as believers our main responsibility is to fulfill the Great Commission by making disciples of men and women by teaching them how to be saved. The first and main thing with God in Sacramento is soul winning. This is what Jesus came for, what Jesus died for. That is why the Bible was written, why churches are organized, why preachers preach. The recovery of the vision to transform our city is our only hope for a consistent witness to a dying world. God is using the ACTS group to help us raise this vision and put it to work in our communities.”

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