World War 2

Alison Sipe


Dr. Seuss contributed regularly to the army by making movies and stories for them.One movie he did was Private Snafu.He also helped out the progressive newspaper PM, which issues that as an isolationism through the political cartoons.Later,he met PM's editor,Ralph Ingersoll,who instantly wanted to print it and he did.Seuss did not write another book for 7 years.During The Battle of the Bulge,he quoted,"Nobody came along and put up a sign saying,This is the Battle of the Bulge.How was I supposed to know?I thought the fact that we didn't seem to be able to find any friendly troops in any direction was just one of the normal occurrences of combat."


Codenamed Operation Overload was the other name for D-Day.D-Day was a day when some Americans,British,and Canadian forces landed on beaches of the fortified coast of France's Normandy region.People prepared and was very alert to get ready for D-Day.In the war,all of France had been liberated.The Normandy landings are the start and end of the war.When D-Day began, they had all of the beaches covered with vehicles and tons of equipment.


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