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Rockstars Choosing to Matter in Room 25

Genius Hour

Throughout the school year on Early Release Days, students have been working on independent Genius Hour Projects. These projects allow students to explore topics of which they are passionate and interested in deepening their understanding. Students have been given a few questions to explore throughout these projects: 1) What inspires you?/What are you passionate about? 2) What breaks your heart about the world?/How can the world be a better place?, and 3) How will you improve your community and world with the knowledge you have?/How will you share that information with others?

Students are deep in their work of creating presentations that teach others about their information, and challenge their audiences to do something that will make their world a better place! At the end of the year, students will have a Gallery Walk in our classroom to share their hard work. We will have a trial run-through with just our class, and then we would like to invite parents and loved ones to visit our classroom to view these inspirational projects! The date is yet to be determined, but it will be near the end of the year.

The kids are very excited to share these projects with you. Please discuss their progress at home, and guide them through the completion of these projects as needed. Of course, ask me if you have questions or concerns!

Try This At Home ...

Write captions for five family photos. Be sure to include who, where, and what the people are doing. You can look at examples of captions in books or magazines to help guide your writing. Have fun!

Art & Author Night

Tuesday, March 24th, 4:30pm

Noble Crossing Pkwy

Noblesville, IN

Next Week's Set List

Week at a Glance/Skills for the Week:

LITERACY – Students will analyze how the author's word choice is impacted by the purpose of the text.

– We continue persuasive writing this week. We examine word choice and purpose to guide us in our writing, and will transfer our knowledge from reading into writing. **Students will need to finish writing their fictional narratives on their own. These stories will be published for Art and Author Night on MARCH 24th.**

MATH – We continue Unit 10. The test will be the week before spring break.

SPELLING – Unit 22 is on Thursday for those students who are continuing their spelling tests. Core words: themselves, remembering, heard, there, and knowing.

SCIENCE – No Science this week.

SOCIAL STUDIES – We finish Unit 3 in Social Studies, which explores the concepts of developing territories, Statehood, and how to live in harmony with others. How can we have freedom within a government structure? How does structure of government represent citizens of Indiana? How did key documents lay the framework for Indiana's constitution?

TIPS – We will use our choice books to use higher-level strategies such as evaluating, summarizing, synthesizing, analyzing, inferring, and critiquing.

Upcoming Events

March 24th: Art and Author Night, 4:30pm

**YAB are DUE on this date. Students may work on them at home***

March 28th - April 12th: Spring Break

April 21st: ISO Discovery Concert Field Trip, 9:30am

April 22nd: Early Dismissal

Week of April 27th: ISTEP+ Part 2 Multiple Choice Test

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