USA Trip

Rozemarijn & Jade


Day 1 – We went to the airport, and after a long flight, we finally landed in San Francisco.

Day 2 – We went shopping and sightseeing. We also visited the Golden Gate Bridge.

Day 3 – Today, we went to a museum. In the afternoon, we went to the airport again.

Day 4 – We flew to New York. After we explored the city, we went swimming.

Day 5 - Today we went to Times Square. It was a great experience.

Day 6 – We ofcourse went shopping again. We visited the M&M’s Store and Sephora.

Day 7 – After a week in the USA, we flew to Los Angeles, where we stayed for another 3 days.

Day 8 – This day was so much fun! We went to Disneyland, which was amazing! We made pictures with Mickey and Minnie Mouse and we tried all rollercoasters.

Day 9 – We climbed the Hollywood Hill, which was also a lot of fun.

Day 10 – Sadly, our trip is over. We needed to go back to the Netherlands.

Good To Know

When visiting America, it’s very important to know what you’d like to do. America has 6 timezones, which can cause a jetlag when traveling from one place to another. To get rid of a jetlag, the best thing to do is to eat and sleep in your regular pattern or rhythm, so your body will forget the jetlag. This may take a few days, but it’s over afterwards.

In big cities, you’ll probably get lost easily. So, it’s good to have a map with you all the time. When you’re lost in one of the big cities in the USA, don’t worry. You’ll probably find a local which can tell you where your hotel is.

It’s also a good idea to carry money with you. Even if you’re not going to buy anything, some extra dollars will always come in handy. Although most purchases in the United States, especially in malls, are done with credit cards.