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Thursday, December 2, 2015

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Teaching Construct 1.1: Learner Development

Simply put, an accomplished teacher will plan for teaching and learning that demonstrates content relevance, developmental readiness, and academic rigor. Watch the Ted Talk below about a teacher who takes these attributes to heart when it comes to making his content relevant to his students and their interests and needs.
The content-free social studies classroom: James Kendra at TEDxMuskegon

What's one way you could take content in your classroom and make it meaningful to your learners?

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What's Next for Mentoring?

I have already started my 4th and final round of observations for this semester! I am excited to get a base-line for our data-collection as it pertains to your specific goal so that we can see all of the amazing improvements throughout 2nd semester! It's great to be back in your classrooms again!

Some up and coming face-to-face ETMs are as follows:
  • 1/13/16 K-5 Literacy Strategies Across Content
  • 1/13/16 6-12 Literacy Strategies Across Content

About Dr. Bowles

I live in the Crossroads of KC. There have been so many additions and improvements made to the downtown area lately, it's hard to keep up in deciding which places I like the best!

A Little Something Extra to Make you Laugh

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