Magnets will repel or attract. It depends on what poles are near each other. If you put a South pole and a South pole near each other, they will repel. You will find that there is a magnetic force surrounding it.

Same goes for a North pole and a North pole. If you put a North pole, and a South pole near each other, they will attract. This is called a magnetic force. Whether it repels or attracts.

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Magnetic field

Magnetic field represents the bonders of a magnet. A region of space near a magnet where a magnetic force attracts another magnet. A magnetic effect of electric currents and magnetic materials. The magnetic field at any given point is specified by both a direction and a magnitude (or strength) such as it is a vector field.

A Temporary Magnet

A temporary magnet is a magnetized material that will only stay magnetized for so long. For example, if you take a magnet and hold it up to a paper clip for so long it will get magnetized. Now, how this works is, when you put the up to magnet the magnetic domains in the paper clip (witch make it attracted to the magnet,) will all line up in a straight line. Those magnetic domains make it magnetized, by lining up straight, but its only temporary. And that's why its called a temporary magnet.