5 Apps to Enhance the Classroom

Potential Apps to use in the K-12 setting

Google Drive

Google Drive is an online document device that allows you to share and allow editing on the same document, power point, ect. An example of using this in the classroom would be to assign a different google document with questions to different groups of students. Each student would be able to contribute directly from their own device and you would be able to monitor their work.

Poll Everywhere

This app allows real time polling that students can answer over their mobile devices. You create your own questions before hand and then you share a code for people to join in on the poll. An example of using this in the class would be having a few multiple choice questions on a lesson you just taught to serve as a low risk feedback from the students about if they understood the important parts of the lesson

Word Lens

This app translates written languages in real time. This would be good for students in a language classes, if they don't understand a section of the text they can just focus their camera over the test and it will translate in real time.

Unit Converter

Students can use this to convert any units of any measurement, whether it's distance, mass, or energy. Students can use to double check calculations or to convert to units they are more comfortable using

Remind 101

This app allows the teacher to create an account and then allows parents or students to join by sending a text message. This allows you as the teacher to send reminders of upcoming events. An example of this sending a message before the long weekend to remind parents or students they have an assignment due when they return