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April 20, 2020

Happy Monday

Well, no news is good news. My Principal Meeting this morning has been postponed so no updates from that. I hope you all had a great weekend! Anyone drive up to Jacksonville and hit the beach?

Intent to Return Form

Instructional Staff, please click here to access our electronic intent to return form.. Its hard to believe its that time of year already!

Update from Terra Winthrop re: Raquan

Things are going well, Just FYI not sure if you know but Raquan will be attending a JUCO college and playing basketball for them. He starts school in the summer semester then he will be headed to Atlanta in October where he will have dorm life until the end of the school year. School is 100% online for classes. he has chosen Sports Management as a major and when he finishes the two years he will have his AA and can transfer into another school. The goal is for him to get to a 2 D3 school so he can continue to play basketball and get his education. Thanks for the update. Stay Safe and I will talk with you soon.


From our Amazing Student Services Team

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Important Info About our Student's Mental Health!

Important Info about our student's mental health!

Please click here for the full document.

From Dr. Ilse

On Friday, a list of students who had not interacted at all was due to district. This is the response we received from Dr. Ilse.


Great job on getting students on and breaking down the barriers. Getting it down to only 16 (and it looks like you are putting plans in place for them) is awesome!

Thanks, have a great weekend.


This is not meant for me, but for YOU! We have amazing teachers and teams who have made this list possible!!

Happy Birthday (Sunday) to this Shark!!

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