Sword in the Stone

By: Jacob Smith


Excalibur is the famous sword carried by King Arthur. The sword is found in many of the early Welsh legends. It is one of King Arthur's most prized possessions and is sometimes associated with having magical abilities (crystalinks.com).

The Sword in the Stone

The Sword in the Stone is portrayed in many Arthurian legends. Most legends agree that when the sword was pulled from the stone by Arthur it proved his right to the throne. Some of the legends portray this sword as being Excalibur while most state that Excalibur was given to Arthur later by the Lady of the Lake. This sword is only called by the name Excalibur once during the time of Arthur's first battle. "thenne he drewe his swerd Excalibur, but it was so breyght in his enemyes eyen that it gaf light lyke thirty torchys." (lib.rochester.edu)

Lady of the Lake

After King Arthur's sword broke in battle, Merlin took King Arthur to a magical lake. When they arrived, the Lady of the Lake offered King Arthur a magical blade that would not break (britannia.com). Many of the legends agree that the sword came from the Lady of the Lake and was not the sword that Arthur pulled from the stone.

King Arthur's Death

After being mortally wounded by Mordred, Arthur was carried to the shores of Lake Avalon. Arthur demanded that Bedivere throw Excalibur into the lake. Twice Bedivere succumbed to temptation and lied to Arthur about throwing the sword into the lake. Finally Bedivere threw the sword into the lake where a hand burst from the water to grab to hilt of the sword and drag it under water where it is to stay until Arthur's return (arthurianlegend.wikispaces.com).