Canada vs. Venezuela

1st world economy vs. 3rd world economy

Comparison by World Rank

GDP Purchasing Power:

Canada- 14th in the world

Venezuela- 34th in the world

Real Growth Rate:

Canada- 154th in the world

Venezuela- 159th in the world

GDP per Capita:

Canada- 19th in the world

Venezuela- 99th in the world

In the world rankings, the numbers don't do Canada much justice compared to Venezuela. However, it does show that Canada is a wealthy country, because some of the numbers are low. It also shows that Venezuela has some work to do within their country, because their numbers are high.

GDP by Sector


Canada- 1.7%

Venezuela- 3.7%


Canada- 28.4%



Canada- 69.9%

Venezuela- 60.8%

The GDP by Sector shows that richer countries, such as Canada, spend money more wisely and conserve it. Where as poorer countries, such as Venezuela, are more careless with spending their money.