The Ghost Sitter

Peni R.Griffin

Main Characters

Charlotte- She is a girl the that just moved into the her new blue house.

Shanon- Is a girl that lives next-door to Charlotte and is trying to warn her about the ghost in the blue house.

Brandon- He is Charlotte's little brother and aperently he is friends with the ghost.

Susie- She is the ghost that lived in the blue house.


The setting takes place in Texas in Charlottes house or in her back yard.


"Ghost don't exist." (Charlotte)

" I was playing with my friend Susie." (Brandon)

" He is real she was a babysitter before she died." (Shanon)


Charlotte is starting not to like the family of Shanon because they keep on saying that their is a ghost in her house.


Plot Summary

One day a family moved into their new house but didn't know that it was haunted.The main characters of the story are Charlotte, Shannon, Brandon, and Susie. Charlotte is the girl who lives in the blue house she in around her teen years, Brandon is Charlottes little brother. Shannon is Charlottes neighbor, And Susie is the ghost that haunt the blue house. The neighbor told them so many times but they didn't listen and the ghost kept possessing others. The ghosts name was Susie and she died in a car accident and her spirit still lives in her old blue house. Every time someone moves in she always takes the children and kill's the parents. But if someone lives in that house with no children then she won't want them there, so she haunts them until they leave. The weird thing is that you can only see the ghost when your under teen years. But the only thing that it wanted was the children. So the ghost got what she wanted and stole the children.
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Thats where Charlotte and Brandon live.

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That is Brandon camunicating with the ghost.

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That is when the ghost was possesing them.