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table of contents

chapter 1: All About The Causes Of The American Revolution War

chapter 2: Focus topic: Paul Revere

chapter 3: Mini Story: Midnight ride

chapter 4: Essay: Why Paul Revere is important

chapter 5: All About: Declaration Of Independence

chapter 6: Essay: Why Gorge Washington Is Important To The Revolutonary War

Chapter 1: All About The Causes Of The American Revolution War

The revolutionary war was important, and there were many causes that started it. One cause was about King George's taxes. King George came up with the Quartering Act, Tea Act, and the Stamp Act. King George was taking all of the colonists money through these taxes. The colonists were furious because they had to pay with their money that they worked for on taxes They had to pay taxes on things such as paper items, tea, sugar, and have redcoats live with them! In the book Road to Revolution, they chased the tax collectors out of town.

Before this, the French and Indian was was a major causes of all these taxes. The French claimed that the Ohio River Valley belonged to them. King George did not like that. He wanted that land. This started the French and Indian War. Great Britain won the war in the Ohio River Valley. King George III did not let the colonists move into this land. The colonists were mad. They went to war with the French for this land.

Another cause was the Boston Massacre. This was important because 5 colonists died and 11 injured. To add on the Boston Massacre was an argument between the colonists and the redcoats. This shows that the colonists did not like the redcoats.

Another cause of the Revolutionary War was the Boston Tea Party. The colonists were furious. They didn't want to pay anymore taxes. This is why on December 16, 1773, the Sons of Liberty dressed up as Native Americans and boarded the British ships and opened the tea with their axes. They threw it overboard! King George was mad at what they did so, he closed the Boston Harbor.

These causes show how the Revolutionary War got started. Would you want to go to war after all of these taxes and events?

Chapter 2: Focus Topic on Paul Revere

The Sons of the Liberty, The Boston Tea Party, being a secret agent and The Midnight Ride are important to Paul. Paul Revere was a leader of the Son's of Liberty. He wanted the colonies to be free from Britain. They were the group that started the Boston Tea Party.

The Son's of Liberty were a secret club .They didn't like King George and his taxes.

December 16,1773 Paul Revere and the other Son's of Liberty had enough of King George's taxes. They dressed up as Indians and dumped 10,000 lbs of tea into the Boston Harbor this was called the Boston Tea Party. Paul and his friends did not get hurt.

Paul gave up his silver smith job to be a secret agent. He spied on the Red Coats to learn their plan. The Red Coats saw him spying in a canoe and arrested him for two days. Dr. Joseph Warren called for Paul to warn him of the Red Coats' plan.

On April 18th other messengers were sent out but Paul was to go the same way the English were going, across the Charles River. He had to warn the people so they could get themselves ready. He told two Patriot's leaders to escape. "One if by land 2 by sea and I on the opposite shore will be." The Hung the 2 lanterns in the North Church. He spread the news the British were coming. He was running into a trap, but he escaped.

Chapter 3: Mini Story

Tis ye night of April 18 1775, Ye night was grey. I was on my horse waiting for Paul Revere while his horse was prancing next to me. I was beginning to become impatient as Paul jumped out of his canoe and on to his horse ready to go into ye dark night. I only hear ye gallop of horses as Paul and I arrive at ye church tower. As we arrive I can hear Paul say "Two by sea" and 2 bright lights lit up ye church and we continued on our ride.

We go through ye dark street yelling, "Ye red coats are coming!" Paul and I arrive at Samuel Adam's and John Hancock's house and telling them, " Ye British are coming". Then we continued our ride to Lexington and Concord. But the redcoats captured us and then let us go after awhile. We eventually got to Lexington and Concord. We told the minutemen ye redcoats were after the weapons. Before we could think we heard them coming...

Chapter 4: Essay: Why Paul Revere Is Important

Paul Revere was an important leader in the events leading up to the revolutionary war because he was a Son of Liberty, he was in the Boston tea party and most of all he rode the midnight ride to warn the colonist.

One reason that Paul Revere was an important leader in the events leading up to the Revolutionary war is that he was a Son Of Liberty. For example he was at some meetings. He was at the Boston Tea party and he wanted to be free from British rule.

Another reason that Paul Revere was an important leader in the events leading up the Revolutionary War is the Boston Tea Party . For example he was the leader of the group dumping tea, he helped organized it and he wanted to stop the taxes.

Although Paul Revere was an important leader in the events leading up the Revolutionary war because he was a son Of Liberty and because he was at the Boston Tea Party but most of all Paul Revere was an important leader in the event leading up to the Revolutionary war because of his midnight ride. For example he warned people the redcoats were coming, he came up with the church light plan, and he arrived at Lexington and Concord on foot. As a result the Patriot's could prepare and they won the war.

In conclusion, Paul Revere played an important role in the events leading up to the Revolutionary war. Not only was he a leader of the Son's of Liberty but he was part of the Boston Tea Party. But he was famous for his Midnight Ride.

chapter 5: All About The Declaration Of Independence

A document called The Declaration Of Independence was the first start of the colonists freedom. In this chapter you will learn about why they made it, when and who made it, and the 4 parts.

Why They Made It

The colonist wanted to rule themselves. They didn't like King George so the Continental congress appointed the committee of 5. They made something called The Declaration of Independence. Almost all Continental congress members signed it.

When and Who made it

The Declaration of Independence was written By Thomas Jefferson. But The Declaration has a lot of changes. It was finished July 4, 1826. It was also made By Ben Franklin,Robert R. Livingston, Roger Sherman and John Adams.

The 4 Parts

There were 4 parts the The Declaration Of Independence: The introduction, human rights, list of complaints and declaring freedom.

Part 1- the introduction told us what document was about.

Part 2- Human Rights. Everyone has the right to life, liberty, and happiness.

Part 3 - List of complaints. Complained about King George III.

Pat 4 - Declaring Freedom. Colonist will be free from England.

Now you know why they made the declaration of independence,who wrote it, and the 4 parts of the declaration. Would you want to write the declaration?

Chapter 6: George Washington essay

George Washington was an important person in the American Revolution. because he was the first President and he was the top general.

One reason that George Washington was important to the Revolution is that he was the top General of the war. For example he fought a war and when they ran out of ammunition he told them to throw sicks and stone.

Although George Washington was important to the revolution because he was the top General but he was especially because he was the first President. For example he won the election,and he didn't want the o be president but he thought it would be good to the country.

George Washington was important to the Revolution because he was the top General of the the war and first President. These reasons support why George Washington was important to the Revolution.


Quartering Act : The law was that the redcoats had to live in colonists houses and the colonists had to pay for their needs.

Tea Act : taxes on tea from the East India company

stamp act: Taxes on anything made of paper

colonists : A person who lives in the colonies

redcoats : British soldiers

patriot : A colonist who wanted independence from Great Britain

King George : The king of England who ruled the 13 colonies

Sons of liberty : A secret society which was formed to fight king George on his taxes

Thomas Jefferson : The person who wrote the declaration of independence