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19th March 2021

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Dear Parents / Carers,

What a busy week we have had! Jak is now back with us to cover a PE lesson each week for each key stage two class and we were also lucky enough to have the Area Sports Coordinator in school yesterday leading a morning of archery for Year 3 (Jupiter) and an afternoon of cross country running for Years 5 and 6 (Uranus and Neptune).

One to One music lessons have also resumed as have online meetings with external agencies so we are starting to feel that school is returning to the new normal we established in the autumn term. We continue to look forward to the time when classes can mix during assemblies, playtimes and lunchtimes.

Children have worked hard this week as teachers have completed up to date assessments which will allow them to plan work for the summer term based on catching up and new learning. They will be sharing the information they gather with you at the upcoming parent consultation meetings. Mrs Bembridge and Mrs Hey have started working with individuals and small groups on this work already.

Today we have focused on raising money for one of our two chosen charities 'Mentally Healthy Schools', something that is even more important in these times. We are very lucky as a school to have a Learning Mentor (Mrs Bamforth) who is always kept very busy. If you do have concerns about your child's mental health, please speak to your child's teacher in the first instance and they will discuss whether a referral may be required.

I hope you have a lovely weekend,

Mrs Karen Williams

Head Teacher

Good Work Awards

This week's certificates were awarded to the following children:

Mercury - Raven L and Oli W

Venus - Mollie H and Eddie McG

Earth - Poppy L and Milo M

Mars - Isabella H and Sam O'C

Jupiter - Rupert O'N and Henry C

Saturn - Alex P and Grace P

Uranus - Holly B and Ewan P

Neptune - Alex W and Lily B

Hot Chocolate Friday

Well done to the following who earned the hot chocolate award this week:

Mercury - Charlie W

Venus - Evie D

Earth - Coby W

Mars - Milo P-J

Jupiter - Luca M

Saturn - Oscar C

Uranus - Isaac E

Neptune - Harvey W

TT Rock Stars of the Week

We have had a Battle of the Bands competition in KS2 this week. Saturn and Neptune ended up neck and neck, but Neptune edged past Saturn today to end the week victorious! Well done to the children who worked so hard to help their class gain lots of points. The children who spent the most time on average each day practising were: Robin D (Neptune), Ivor H (Saturn), Zac B (Uranus) and Nancy C (Jupiter). Well done!

Mentally Healthy Schools

Today we raised a fantastic £271 for one of the charities our school supports: Mentally Healthy Schools. To find out more about this charity please visit their website:

A big thank you to everyone for your amazing support.

The School Day

A reminder that the times for the school day are as follows:-

Reception: 9am - 3.05pm

Y1 & Y2: 9am - 3.10pm

Y3, Y4, Y5, Y6: 8.45am - 3.15pm

The side gates will be locked at 9am and any late children will need to go through the front of school.

Whilst on the school site please keep your children with you at all times and stay to the main paths. Please do not let them run off on the grass or round the back of trees/hedges.

Thank you

Spring Term Parents Evening

Your ten minute parent consultation will either be by phone or google meet (using your child's school email address) depending on the class. If you need help booking an appointment please contact the school office.

Mercury: Tues 23rd March 12.50-4.30pm; Wed 24th March 3.15-5.05pm - by phone

Venus: Wed 14th April 3:30-5pm; Thurs 15th April 9:30am-12; Fri 16th April 3:30-5pm - by phone

Earth: Wed 24th March 9-10am & 3.45 - 5.15pm; Thurs 25th March 3.45-5.15pm - by Google Meet

Mars: Wed 24th March 3.30-5pm; Fri 26th March 9.30am-12 - by Google Meet; Thurs 25th March 3.30-5.30pm - by phone

Jupiter: Tues 23rd March 3.30-5.50pm; Wed 24th March 12-3pm - by Google Meet

Saturn: Wed 24th March 3:20pm-6pm; Thurs 25th March 3:30pm-6pm - by Google Meet.

You will get an invite for a specific day.

Uranus: Mon 22nd March 3.30-5.30pm; Tues 23rd March 3.30-5.30pm - by Google Meet

Neptune: Thurs 25th March 1.30-6pm; Fri 26th March 1-4pm - by Google Meet

Big picture

Parents Evenings

w/c 22nd March - Mercury: Earth: Mars: Jupiter: Saturn: Uranus: Neptune:

w/c 12th April - Venus

Easter Holidays

Monday 29th March - Friday 9th April

Training Day

Monday 12th April

Start of Summer Term

Tuesday 13th April

Staff Thank You's

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