CSPC Report

Report of the COVID-19 Stakeholder Planning Committee

The Committee and Report Overview

The COVID-19 Stakeholder Planning Committee (CSPC) is a group of community volunteers who shared their time, experience, talent, and expertise for the betterment of our school community. They spent countless hours over several weeks investigating various topics related to school district operations during this pandemic. Through seven subcommittees, they delved into a specific area of focus and delivered the sub-reports that make up this report.

The resulting recommendations from this work are too numerous to list in this summary. In general, they focused on identifying best practices and recommending improvements to current district plans to achieve those practices. The subcommittees worked independently to develop their recommendations, and as a result, there are in some cases duplications and in others contradictions among the committees and recommendations. This was anticipated, and the committees were encouraged to focus on the work of their committee and not to spend time reconciling the recommendations.

This committee was not a decision-making body. Their role was to make recommendations for consideration by the CSD administrative team and/or Board of Education. CSD leaders will use this report as a major source of information for their deliberations regarding what the next phase of pandemic-learning looks like in CSD. This report is not “the plan” for what comes next; that will come from the administrative team in the next week or so.

More information about the committee can be found at https://www.csdecatur.net/cspc.

Next Steps

The administrative team (principals and District leadership) will review and discuss the recommendations and seek additional input from the School Board (Work Session Thursday, December 3, 7-9 pm) and the Teacher Advisory Council.

The Superintendent will also host a town hall on Thursday, December 3, from 5:30-6:30 pm to answer questions about the report, the recommendations, and forthcoming decisions. Information about the town hall and the School Board work session can be found on the CSD homepage (www.csdecatur.net) under the “Announcements” section.

Early next week we will share the plan for second semester, including implementation plans following this report as well as plans for how we will handle instruction. At that time, families will be provided with an opportunity to update their learning choice selection for their children. We recognize the importance to families that they have a solid understanding of our plans prior to making a selection for their children, and we will strive to provide as much detail as possible to inform family decisions.