Gregor Mendel

Founder of genetics


Gregor Mendel wanted to be a teacher but decided on science. He did a pea plant experiment on heredity which became the foundation of genetics.

Early Years


1. Earned top marks in mathematics and science

2. Took coursework in botany, zoology and anthropology.


1. Could not pass any of the teaching exams.

2. Had troubles paying for school.

Experimental Design

1. Began learning about heredity by using pea plants.

2. He didn't want apple hybrids since they took too long to grow, instead he used pea plants.


Seed shape: Angular (1,850) Pod color: Yellow (152) Stem length: Short (277)

It means that this is how the pea plant looked and how many there were out of all of the pea plants he used in his experiment.


Scientists only knew as much information that Mendel did before he started his experiment and after it was done they thought they knew that already so they didn't look at his work.


His hybrid pea plant paper was not looked at for many years. His work was the foundation because it helped scientists build off it for heredity and further on hybrids.


Gene that will overpower another gene. Example: Red snapdragons

Gene that gets covered up by a dominant gene. Example: White snapdragons

Gene that is neither dominant or recessive. Example: Pink snapdragons