Local News Update


 Asthma it hurts a lot but, here’s how you can help.Have you ever had trouble breathing if so then you might have asthma. There are three types of asthma.

The Types!


 The first type is “nocturnal asthma”(pg. 15). First, when you are sleeping you could start wheezing or coughing so that could start it up. Also, A piece of lent could fly into your lungs so that could start it up. Then, You could just be sleeping and you could try to gasp for air. To prevent this from happening take medication before you go to sleep.


 The second type is “Exercise” (pg. 15). When you run it could kick up. Also, “while dancing it could start up”. (pg. 48).Then, you could be playing any sport and it could start up. To prevent this make a sign to tell your coach to pull it out for a little bit until you fill better.


 The last but not the least type is “weather” (PG. 15). First, It could be fall or spring and it could start up. Next, it could be winter and really cold and, you shovel the drive way and it could kick up. So go inside and warm up. Last, It could be hot outside and it could kick up so go inside and warm up or go to a local pool if there is one.


 So as you can see Asthma hurts. There are three types and, some of there downfalls and to prevent them take medication.