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HORSES-race on the track to info!

I bet you think you know a lot about horses. But do you really know these magnificent mammals? Don't worry! This s'more is going to lead you throughout a horses life span. And hey, do you know how many breeds there are? Well, if you don't want to know, TOO BAD! You are going to learn anyway. You are also going to learn how to ride a horse, Cars are overrated! Start riding horses today! You are also going to learn how horses are used... In case you didn't know they are NOT just used for rides at the fair! You are also going to learn the most important, how to actually take care of a horse. Last but not least, you will get to know some cool fun facts! Hope you enjoy!
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What is the life span of a horse?

You may think that horses have a life span like us. First, the horse would be a baby. Next, the horse would be a teenager. Then, the horse would be a adult. Finally, the horse would be elderly. If you think this, you're wrong! Horses have a different type of life span. Here's how it goes. First, the foal. A foal is less than one year old. The foal will have long weak legs and it's body will be small. Secondly, the foal will grow and become older than one year. The horse will still be small but the legs will be an equal length. The third stage is when the horse hits two years. The horse's frame will start filling in, and it will become more coordinate. On the fourth stage, it will be three years old. The horse will be more stable, stronger, and coordinate. The fifth stage is when it becomes ten years old. It will be the strongest it will ever be in it's life span. It will also be fully coordinated and powerful. It's neck will be long and it's internal organs will be fully developed. At the last stage, the horse will be over twenty years old. The horse will be frail and weak with not a lot of energy. Also, chewing will be hard (Edwards).
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How many breeds of horses are there and how are they different?

When you imagine a horse in your head, you probably are thinking about only one type of horse, maybe its dappled, maybe it has stripes. But... I wouldn't know... It's YOUR mind, not MINE. But did you know that there are many breeds of horses? Probably. But do you know how many breeds there are? Your probably thinking some random number that's not correct. You probably think: "well, I don't know. But I am gunna guess... Seventy." Okay. That's your guess... But it's not right. But don't feel confused, I am going to tell you the real answer. "There are two hundred thirty eight horse breeds." (Edwards). They're different because of coat colors, markings, paces, strength, size, hoof colors, tail colors, mane colors, and hair.
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What do you have to do to ride a horse?

You probably think you can ride a horse. Maybe you can, but it take learning to do the right way. You don't just get on a horse then tell it to go and have it do the work for you. (In case you didn't know). Step one: you have to go to a paddock to get your horse saddled up. Step two: find a good track to race on. A track that will help you stay on course. Step three: pull the right side of the reigns to go right pull the left side of the reigns to go left, and pull the reigns to slow down. Step four: race! Also, don't make any stupid bets. (
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How were horses used in the past compared to now?

In the beginning, horses weren't even horses. Wait, what? Yes that's right. Horses was a spies that had to evolve. Don't ask what they were before... Cause I don't know. But that's what the internet is for... Right? Anyway, I am here to tell you how horses were used in the past... And yes, that was when they evolved. In the past, horses were used for battle, pulling carts, breeding, and riding more horses. Horses now are used for riding, competitions, breeding, pulling carriages, and betting. Hopefully we don't bet on horses though... We could lose money! (
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How do you take care of a horse?

Sure. Horses need food, water, and shelter, but they also need much more to help them live safe, happy, healthy, lives. First, you need an open pasture. The horse needs to run around and get exercise in. The also need sunshine to graze in. They also need a stall to eat, drink, and shelter in. You need to groom them properly, you need to feed them, (of course!), by giving them grain and hay, and they also need a lot of water. Lastly, they need stal maintenance. Like to clean the stall, putting in fresh bedding, and to clean the stall once a day. (The banana 287).

Fun facts

Now you probably think your an horse expert. And... Your right. If you listened you know everything you need to know if you were tho do a project on horses or if you were to get one. But, just for the fun of it, let's s we some super cool and awesome FUN FACTS!!!

So I have one question... Did You Know?...

Horses have better memory than elephants? (

Adult male horses have 40 teeth and female adult horses have 36 teeth? (

Horses teeth take more space in their heads then their brain? (

Each year in the US, 27 million people ride a horse? (

White horse power equals 746 watts? (

Horses can sleep both lying down and standing up? (

Horses have the largest eyes of any land mammal? (

Horses are not colorblind? (

Horses prefer sweet foods over sour Foods? (

Horses have 16 muscles in each ear? (