This Is A School Project

Principal and Assistant

Principal- Natasha Jenkins

Assistant- Brionica Marston

Why Send Your Child Here!!!!!!!!!!!

Love Sosa Charter School is a school filled with certified teachers . Our school motto is " A Great Place Where Young People Learn Today And Lead Tomorrow". The home of the dolphins is the place to send you child. Your child will be educated with the knowledge of our teachers. Our teachers have college degrees and other degrees. Our School will keep your child satisfied and they will always come back. We don't tolerate violence. Now with the school uniforms, you can wear your favorite clothes. They cant be ripped or torn . Your clothes must be appropriate enough to wear to school. Our school allows hands on jobs. We allow students with all talents. We need students that dance for dance line, cheerleaders, choir, band, and other groups. We allow F.C.A FELLOWSHIP OF CHRISTIAN ATHLETES. Our school is very is available for handicap and other students. We have elevators and stairs to transport your child to class properly. So if you think this school is appropriate for your child please suggest us!!!!!!!!!!!!We will make sure that your child gets the education that he/she needs. We are very serious about the education of our students. We revolve our life around children and you should know this by now. Our children will Be well educated


Brionica and Natasha

Uniform Policy

Regular clothes allowed, but if you wear jeans they can't be ripped or too short. We care about the privacy or our students. Shirts cant be too revealing. They have to at least be covering enough skin. Shirt or bottom wear can not be too tight.

Cell-phone Policy

Cell phones are allowed at school. They shall only be used for educational use. If a student shall be caught with phone out the teacher shall take it away immediately and the student's phone will be returned the first time. The second time the teacher shall take the phone and turn it in to the office where it will remains until the students parent shall pick it up. On the third time the phone will be taken into custody by the state of California where it shall remain until the court date assigned.


Hoodies will be allowed at school. But for the safety of other there will be metal detectors. This means remove your cell phone and any real jewelry so we can make sure that others are safe.


Our 2 policeman are here for the safety of our students. Our policeman are certified for their job and know what they are doing

Pledge of Allegiance

I pledge Allegiance to the flag of the United States of America and to the Republic for which it stands, one nation under God, indivisible, with Liberty and Justice for all. This is done in respect of our country.

Paying of Teachers

Our teacher will be paid based of of how their students preform in class. This means if all students in the class are failing then the teacher wont be paid much. Sorry!!!!!!!!!!

About Our School

Our School is the best school that you can ever send you child to. We are protective, loyal, and kind to our students and not because we have to. Its because we want to.

Ring Ceremony

Ring Ceremony

Friday, May 10

6 p.m.

AHS Auditorium

To participate in the ceremony, juniors must complete a Ring Ceremony Information form and pay a registration fee of $10.00. Forms are available from Mrs. Carroll, Ms. Correro, Mrs. Skidmore, or Mrs. Finimore. The deadline for submitting forms is April 30. Students who have not submitted a Ring Ceremony Information form by the deadline will not be permitted to participate in the ceremony. For more information, please email Linda Finimore

We need your pictures! The Ring Staff is seeking pictures of members of the Class of 2014 to create the Ring Ceremony slide show/video. Pictures may range from toddler to present day, and we love to have photos of holidays, vacations, and other special moments in life. You may drop photos off at the Main Office or you may send them electronically If you wish for your photos to be returned to you, please label them clearly with your student’s name, your name, and your phone number. Thanks so much for your help in making this year’s Ring Ceremony a success!

Our Location

If you have any Questions or concerns please contact us @ the information below