How to Show Empathy

7 Steps to Show Empathy

The First Step

  • Listen to what people are saying and telling you.
  • Don't have distractions, put down your book or turn off the tv.
  • Also listen to how the person is speaking, what the tone are they using

The Second Step

  • Let your body language convey empathy.
  • Be close to them but not too close
  • Have comfortable eye contact
  • Maintain good body posture (Don't fidget or do other things that show disinterest,) direct 100% of your attention toward the other person

The Third Step

  • Show people that you are listening
  • Show that you care about there talking about
  • Demonstrate that you are concerned for them

The Fourth Step

  • Agree with what they are saying
  • Show that you are respecting there feelings
  • Show them that you understand why they feel that way

The Fifth Step

  • Let the person know that there for them
  • Tell them that you help them in anyway
  • Tell them that if there is anything that they need that you will help them with it

The Six Step

  • Tell the person that you'll work together on it
  • tell the person that we will find a solution together

The Seventh Step

  • Show the person respect when ever possible
  • Tell them that you are impressed on how they handle the situation