Basic Consumers

By: Ryanne


Us consumers have to stay safe with all kinds of stuff. The factories that make the items have to be sure that everything works and doesn't hurt you.

Ex. Airbag, and life persurver


The news is a tool to get informed by. They tell you what's going on in the world, so you know what to do and not what to do.

Ex. T.V, and newspaper


We have rights to chose. If we didn't choose what we wanted to chose the whole world would be the same and it would be boring.

Ex. Like one of those education commercials, and voting


The ability to have a voice is to be heard. Our voices are made for complaints and concerns to improve the world and to make things right.

Basic Needs

We need basic needs to live our life.

Ex. Like water and food.


Consumers should be able to go to court and argue with what they think.

Ex. Sewing people and arguing with clients


We need education to get good jobs and to follow our dreams. Our education depends on us. If people didn't go to school we would not have and science people, and then they couldn't make cures to sicknesses and make us better.

Ex. School and Dictionary

Healthy Enviorment

Consumers need and healthy environment because all the gases in the air kills the trees which will kill us.

Ex. Parks and the country


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