Ignite DeLight Accountability Group

Day + Evening Groups Starting SOON!

Day + Evening Groups Forming Now!

Ignite DeLight empowers you to tackle your own clutter in a group setting. I offer info and resources to get your stuff out and delightful energy in. The group gives you energy, affirmation and information – especially as we cheer ourselves on and delight in each others’ BEFORE + AFTER pictures projected up on the big screen. Partnering with others gives you the motivation and strength to DeClutter 2 DeLight.

From your very first meeting you will learn tips and receive homework. In each of the following weeks you will have a personal check-in, record how many bags you moved out of your home and even get a gold star if you donated the items for re-use! We'll reflect on the strategy of the week and we'll end the hour by cheering each other on and a restatement of goals for what's ahead.

Visit my website or click here to take a survey telling me what days + times are best for you.

Fees are:

$20/meeting = $80

$10 one time registration fee

www.declutter2delight.com | declutter2delight@gmail.com

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