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Martina Kiely A

What is Globalization?

Globalization is a process of interaction and integration among the people, companies, and governments of different nations,

4 categories of Obey Propaganda Sweatshirts

There are 4 main categories of Globalization. Economy, Culture,Technology, and Environment. In my product, Economy is used by having people buy the product and spending money. This product is sold all around the world. The company Obey Propaganda is a worldwide company which makes me culture. Technology is used by using the computers at the store to buy it or to order it online. It is environmental because some sweatshirts, including mine can have flowers on it. It makes is pop out and pretty.
This isn't my sweatshirt being made but it is the same process of a sweatshirt being made.
Making of the Full Zip Hooded Sweatshirt


Some of the symbols on Obey sweatshirts can be kind of offensive and maybe racist or even a gang sign. The Illuminati is a big part of the Obey Propaganda company and some people get mad by that. This can be fixed by maybe the company stop making these signs but i highly doubt that will happen


By having some racial things on the sweatshirt it can effect how much money people are getting. They could get laid off due to not selling any products.


Sometimes the website can crash or someone could even hack it. People have the knowledge and are capable of doing that and they can mess everything up and loose alot of money. That can be fixed by locks and passwords into everything. and maybe limiting things to customers.


At the factories while the sweatshirts are being made, there's yucky smoke going out into the world making it colder and dirty. That should be fixed. Stop making the world have yucky smoke and pollution everywhere. It smells gross and looks ugly. So stop.

Globalization.. good or bad?

  • make me rich or poor in seconds
  • Yucky air makes me cough and choke
  • brings me closer to my family in Italy
  • can talk to my friends