Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

Robert Louis Stevenson

The King of Evil

Dr.Jekyll was a worldwide Doctor that studying a way to divide into separate people one good and one evil.Dr. Jekyll makes a drug that turns him evil and calls him Mr.Hyde and does horrible stuff during the night. Like one time Mr.Hyde steps one a little girls ribs and breaks 3 ribs.

The Mr.Hyde is good at hiding.

Once Dr.Jekyll made the drug he made a different drug to change him back to his original self so he will not get caught.He makes the drug in the lab and tells his butler (Poole) to leave him alone when working.Thats when Poole finds out Dr.Jekyll's secret.

Dr.Jekyll Loses control

One day when Dr.Jekyll drinks the drug he can't change back to his original self and send Poole to every drug store in town thats when Poole finds out that Dr.Jekyll is Mr.Hyde.