What We Want in the Rainforest

By: Allison Dempski

Background Information

The Native Amazonians came to the rainforest about 12,000 years ago. They use the resources in the rainforest daily and use it to help them live. They eat the food that grows here and they use the plants to make medicine with. A quarter of the Earth's medicines come from the Amazon. The Amazon is their home and have traditions that will carry on.

We Should Be Able to Keep Our Home

The Debate

The natives should be able to keep their home for many reasons. First, they were here first and this is technically their land. Cattle rancher, loggers and others are destroying their home. Unlike some people, the natives use the resources the Amazon gives them for good things. They use plants and food that grows on trees to eat and feed their families, they need the trees to breathe and they use the plants to make medicine to heal people and themselves. People like loggers and cattle ranchers don't have the right to kick the natives out of their home so they can do their job.

A Little Bit About Me

I am a Native Amazonian. I live in the Amazon Rainforest. I live with my family. A tradition we do here is hunt and fish. What we want is to have the rainforest be preserved because this is where we live and we don't want anyone to take that away from us. We don't want to lose our culture and histroy.