Wrigley Chewing Gum

By: Maggie Heitkemper


William Wrigley Jr created his chewing gum company in Chicago Illinois in the year of 1892. When Wrigley was a boy he loved selling things. He sold soap for his dad and even ran away from home to sell things. Here is the story one day Wrigley and a friend ran away home (Pennsylvania ) to New York. The boys lived on the streets. To earn money Wrigley sold newspapers. When Wrigley returned from his journey he was punished. He ether had to go to school or work. Wrigley deiced to work because school bored him.

Wrigley really didn't like making soap. It tired him siring the big heavy pots. He begged his dad to be a sales man and he finally let him. When his was 18 he wanted to see if he could make a living on his own. So he was a waiter and a coffee shop cashier. Once Wrigley thought he was ready to start is own business he left his dads and quit his other jobs, moved to Chicago, and started his own.

First Started

At first Wrigley borrowed $5,000 from his uncle to get stared. He actually sold his dads soap at first. Wrigley believed that everybody loved getting something for nothing, so whenever customers bought soap Wrigley gave them a premium. At first the premium was a free baking powder.