Identify the Problem

Every day millions of instructions are given to people. Unfortunately, most of these instructions are either forgotten or misinterpreted, leading to mistakes and a need to have the instructions repeated. Teachers, manager, students and leaders all need to learn how to give instructions in a way that makes them crystal clear, concise and actionable.


In small groups, students will investigate the art of giving directions and instructions and design, plan and create a website that features:
1. A home page that explain the contents of the website, purpose of project and team members
2. A outline of a QR Code treasure hunt for MYP students
3. A step-by-step instructional guide (using text and still image)s on how to create an animated gif
4. A cooking video
5. A series of (4-6) motivational animated GIFs about “direction”


Group member:
  • Oudomseney Doeun
  • Kimhang San
  • Youthatkak Mam



Circle up: All participants stand in a circle facing each other.

Introduce: Go around the circle having everyone introduce themselves by name.

Ready-Aim: Everyone makes a gun with their hands by interlocking the fingers together and pointing out their two index fingers.

BANG BANG: The game begins by the facilitator calling out the name of someone in the group. That person must quickly duck (squat down). The two people on either side of the person whose name was called fire their guns at him by pointing their guns in his direction and saying “Bang-Bang! Your’e Dead”.

Eliminate: If the named participant does not duck in time then he is the one shot dead and is eliminated. If he ducks in time, the participant on either his left or right who gets shot first is eliminated. Whoever is shot must dramatically die and then sits down in the centre of the circle and calls the next name. The game continues until only two participants remain.

Last Duel: When there are only two people left, they should stand back to back in the center of an open space. The facilitator then begins slowly counting from 1. With each number, the participants take one step forward. As soon as the facilitator skips a number, the two participants must turn around and shoot each other– “Bang-Bang You’re dead.” Whoever shoots first is the overall winner.

QR Code research

I did research with my team all about QR and our research can be found by this QR code.
How I make the QR code?Follow this 3 step.

Step1: You need to follow this link: https://www.the-qrcode-generator.com/

Step2: Click on free text and type down

Step3: When you finish typing click save as a PNG

This is my QR Code that i made.

White Tiger game

  • To play this game you need to find a group or a partner
  • To start play the game you need to understand how to play
  • The First person need to say the name of the place or the country
  • The Second person need to reply back with the last letter that the first person said
  • Example first person say England so the second person have to reply back with the name of the place or country that start with D.

Evatlation of the white tiger instruction

I don't understand much about that game because the introduction was so confusing and i saw my classmate play that game already. It was so boring you just keep continue saying with the last letter that your partner said example your partner say England so you have to say the name of the place or the country that start with letter D.

Panda Game

How to play this game:

Make a circle and sit on the chair. 1 people need to stay in the middle of the circle to decide who is winning or losing. You need to stand up faster and say number. Eg Kimhang stand up and say number 1 and other people need to say number 2 keep continue. But if 2 people stand up in the same time and say the same number both of them are losing.

Evatlation of the Panda instruction

First when they start explain about the game instruction i really don't get it. But when they show me and example and i kind of understand how to play

Research GIF

Today we did research about crazy GIF picture. Follow this link to check our crazy GIF picture that we found.

Who invented the GIF?

His name is Steve Wilhite. He was born in America and he is a computer science. He work at the computer

This is the link to help you how to make GIF animation:



Motivational Posters

Today I am spending 1hour for research about motivational posters and i have share 10 posters on Google drive with my classmates.

Follow this link to check our motivational posters:

Testing Method

  1. On that day we gonna sit and watch all cooking video and you need to give feedback about the video.
  2. Test a QR code and give a feedback.
  3. People will looking at your website and they will give you a feedback including motivational poster and give a feedback also how to make animation.


The product must have:
  • an excellent cooking video that includes all original video footage
  • the instructions on how to make an animated gif must clear, simple, concise and easy to follow
  • the cooking instructional video must clear and detailed
  • been created by every member of the team - with equal contribution
  • excellent sound (voice) in the video
  • excellent titles, subheading and introductions on every page of the website
  • excellent layout and stylish website
  • QR game must be easy to follow, challenging, interesting, fun and without error.
  • Website should be live and public and aim to have over 100 visitors
  • The whole project must have a unifying theme (team-name, logo, font & color scheme)