Talia Trujillo

Nadi, Fiji


Nadi is a very small island located in an archipelago near Australia. According to www.usnews.com Fiji is the fifth most beautiful island in the world. From its gorgeous sunset shores to its stunning waterfalls deep inside the rain forest, this unique island is full of adventure and is a great opportunity to just have fun! In order to get to this paradise island, you will have to get on to two flights and will be flying for approximately thirteen hours and fifty-five minutes. You would be taking American Airlines and Fiji Airlines to get to your destination. The total cost for round trip airline tickets would be $1368 per person. For more information go to www.kayak.com and confirm your trip to this mesmerizing place.


The Radisson Blu Resort is a top notch five star hotel that provides luxury rooms, free wifi, a day spa, and free meals. This amazing resort is surrounded by five swimming pool lagoons and has the best beach side view you can think of. This hotel is by far my best recommendation. You can choose whether you want a room or a suite, but either way you get a drop dead gorgeous view of the ocean. One room costs $247 a night including the day spa and meals. If interested, book your room now at www.hotels.com
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There are so many activities that come with the hotel and will make your trip unforgettable! First of all, if you need to relax after the long airplane ride just go to the day spa and relax. On the other hand, if you want to stay active there's always five swimming pool lagoons and an eighteen hole golf coarse to keep you occupied. Not to mention, you could always just go to the beach and scuba dive, go deep sea fishing, or just relax with sand between your toes.

History and Culture

Nadi was accepted as a town in Fiji in 1947 and ever since then tourists have been visiting to see the Sabeto Hot Springs, Robinson Crusoe Night Tour, and Garden of the Sleeping Giant (www.fiji.travel/destinations/nadi). Fijians have many different cultural ceremonies such as the Meke and the Yaqona. The Meke is when women dance to music to tell legends of the history of Nadi. The Yaqona is a drink that is supposed to make you feel mellow and relaxed. According to www.tourismfiji.com, the legend came from Tonga where a princess died of broken heart and when they performed the ceremony a plant grew from her grave. There's many religions in Fiji, but the most common ones are Islam, Christianity, and Hinduism. Everybody knows how to speak English in Fiji, but they usually also know ow to speak Fijian or Hindi.


A problem you could run into would be the cyclone season. Cyclones are very dangerous and can tear up a tiny island like Nadi. To avoid these storms try not to visit Nadi during the months of November through April. Also, a very common problem people have with eating out is food poisoning. If you don't want to get food poisoning, try to avoid eating chicken when you go out(http://www.virtualtourist.com/).


In conclusion, the total cost of this incredible trip would be $4212 not including any extra activities you decide to do (that's a pretty good deal). Nadi, Fiji is an amazing place full of unique, friendly people. From its beautiful shores to its cultural ceremonies, I admire everything about it. I hope you plan on putting "visit Fiji" on your bucket list because it's definitely a once in a lifetime opportunity.

About the Traveler

My name is Talia Trujillo and I've only traveled out of the country twice in my lifetime, but I plan on traveling more. I know some people like to go to museums and learn about history while they're on vacation, but not me. I'd rather relax on the beach or go scuba diving and just have the time of my life. I love going to tropical places that have beautiful scenery (as you can see) and I plan on traveling a lot more when I'm older.