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Check out my.fwisd.org and log in with same username and password that logs you into the computer.

All your web-based applications in one place.

Click on the icon and you will automatically be signed.

Video Tutorial Link below

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FWISD Google Accounts

All FWISD students and employees have FWISD Google accounts. Students will log in using the following username:

S(student id #)@students.fwisd.org.

Example: s12345@students.fwisd.org

or use my.fwisd.org

Remember to log out of all other Google accounts before signing into your FWISD account.

The Computer Lady

My name is Dennishia Lindsey and I am the Technology Learning Coach.

My Campuses

Learning Academy of Forest Oak

Glencrest 6th

Carter Park ES

C.C. Moss ES

Harlean Beal ES

Glen Park ES

W.M. Green ES

Oaklawn ES

David K. Sellars ES

I am on campuses Monday thru Friday. Every week I send out a date and time I will be on your campus. If by chance the time you are requested or theirs a conflict. Still, fill out the form and indicate your availability in the comments I will do my best to schedule to meet with you. When I am not on campus and you need assistance, email me at dennishia.lindsey@fwisd.org Please include your name, your campus, and the issue you are having. Thank you!

How to Change Your Password

*You must be on the Fort Worth ISD Network to change your password.

Simultaneously click the CTRL+ALT+DELETE buttons on your keyboard and select change

password on the screen.

Guidelines for Password Requirements

· User cannot create passwords identical to the previous three (3) passwords

· Password must be a minimum length of eight (8) characters

· Password must have one uppercase character (A through Z)

· Password must have one lowercase character (a through z)

· Password must have one number (0 through 9)

· Password must have at least one non-alphanumeric character (ex: !, $, #, %)

· Do not use your username as your password