Darwin's Postulates

Jules Boulay

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Postulate #1: Variations of Phenotypes

Each individual in the world is different physically. Hair color, skin color, height, etc are all know as phenotypes and each individual will have different traits.

Postulate #2: Variations are Heritable

As the individuals within a species with variations that have aided their chance of survival out last other individuals with out these traits, offspring are born with these genes. Since DNA from the parents is copied for the offspring, it becomes more and more probably for the next generations to be born with these superior variations.

Postulate #3: Populations can have more offsprings than resources can support

When a habitat overpopulates and resources such as food and water grow scarce, conflict is born. Most wars are started for exactly these reasons. As for animals, nature keeps their population in balance by keeping their population in check.

Postulate #3: Survival and reproduction are not random

Animals with superior traits will have more change of survival and in the long run will out live those animals with the inferior traits. This is basically natural selection, the most fit will survive.
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