TAGT 2013

Gifted & Beyond

Worrier to Warrior

Teaching Our Students to Move from Worrier to Warrior

A lesson on facing our fears!

Great student-friendly (could be flipped for older kids to explore idendependently) about biological responses of anxiety, how to control it at the onset, and ways to combat it. Pretty impactful for GTi kids who suffer with anxiety, but are usually told to "not worry", or "you're smart... why do you care about the test/project/etc."

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Step Away From the Bullet Points

Turn your classroom into a model of presentation power. This could easily be a flipped lesson to teach students how to create presentations that are more of a professional quality, and less of what they think is an acceptable presentation. It includes suggestions for font selection, words per slide, graphic ideas, and other ways for student creators to engage their audience.

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TIme for a "Provolution"

Research proves...
- that gifted students are significantly more likely to forget or mislearn science and mathematics content when they are forced to review and drill it more than two to three times.
- mathematically precocious students are more likely to retain science and mathematics content accurately when it has been presented two to three times faster than the "normal" pace of a traditional mixed ability class

Then why are we FORCING gifted learners to sit in 90 minutes of math/science instruction each day? We need a PROVOLUTION!

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Creative Thinking for the High Ability Student: Going Beyond the Basics

Tips for small "tweaks" to student challenges that produce more creative, divergent products.

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Using Technology to Differentiate for Gifted Students

Several (new to me) Google-based lesson resources. Check out the Real World Math link! Uses Google Maps/Google Earth tools (google ruler) and real-world information.

Sample measurement problem: A jogger runs 3 miles around the Lincoln Memorial every morning. If she stays on the sidewalk about how many times would she circle the