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Northern Region Teacher Shout Out

Northern Region Teacher of the Week: Stacey Kannon

Student Presentations

Stacey Kennon, of Hoosier Academies, had her HS English 204 students presenting regarding various themes found in the novel Night. When you watch the recording (below), take note at some of the Depth of Knowledge questions that the student-teachers are asking. We could all learn from these students!

Share Your PowerPoints with the Northern Region

The Northern Region Teacher Toolbox needs your PowerPoint lessons and resources. Simply email me a resource, and be sure to be sure to include directions as to where the resource should be housed on the NRTT.
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About Summer

Summer Shelton is the Instructional Specialist for the Northern Region. She loves technology, teaching, and really great lattes. She is here to support the teachers and coaches of the NR by promoting best practices in online instruction.