My spring break👌

Meeting Grant Landis

On the last sunday of spring break, March 15th at the West End Events Center in Dallas TX. I went to Grant landis's Bedtime stories Tour. He preformed for and hour and then we went to the meet and greet, he was so genuinley sweet to each and every fan and greeted eachone of us whith a big bear hug, as most meet and greets tend to be very rushed, his wasnt at all. It was over all an amamzing experiance.


I went to Waco texas on the 11th through the 13th with a close friend. We spend our time checking out the Baylor bears collage campus, taking cool ''tumblr'' pictures, swimimg and eating at our favorite resturant ''Fazoli's'' and visiting the store magnolias home witch is owned and run by the people in the show ''Fixer upper''.

facetimed peter

Over the course of two days i facetimed my long distance boyfriend who lives in illinois for 45 hours. We are 637 miles apart and facetime and skype are really our only ways of seeing eachother "face to face'. While we were factimeing i made him watch The Notebook, you might be wondering how we did that its quite simple actually.. we both pull up the movie on our computers and press start at the same time. Facetiming him made my spring break just that much more fun.