What to do when you're on your own!

By William Barnhart

Organize ALL your financial papers!

Make sure everything is labeled properly and accounted for, because in case an expense is forgotten from the checkbook this could create a problem!

Don't fall victim to theives!

NEVER give out your personal information to someone you don't know or are unsure about. That means Social Security Number, Credit Card Information, Bank Account Information, etc. Chances are they can rip a huge hole in your bank and ruin your credit score!

Not all scholarships are true!

Some could be scams, usually a good sign is that money has to be paid to access it. If that's the case, report it.

Bad college loan?

No matter! Some organizations, including the federal government, offer loan forgiveness which means part of, or even the entire loan no longer needs to be paid off! An example for Law School would be the Equal Justice Firm, and Medical School the National Health Service Corps!

Do your FAFSA annually!

A FAFSA is a Free Application for Federal Student Aid, which must be done every year since each lasts only a year! These will help you with your loans!

Only get a job in college if you can handle it!

Sometimes having a job in college can makelife more stressful. It also builds appreciation for their education. But there's no point in this if it's affecting school work negatively because education always comes first!

Start small with a job!

Usually the best job to have in college would be on-campus so that it would be more convenient! It could even possibly help you with your education experience!

Spend wisely on food!

Usually a dorm meal plan works out well for students. Always use it so that you don't starve or overeat, because the stomach usually causes the average American to unconciously overindulge.

Make sure others know your financial situation!

Believe it or not, life is easier when people understand the issues going on in your life. Plus your obligated to tell your roommates your financial situation since you live with them.

Prioritize your needs over your wants!

For most Americans, their wants become needs. But you on the other hand need to overcome this issue and spend first on the bare necessities and try to cut out as many wants as possible for maximum gain.

You don't need a car for college.

Car expenses in college can be quite burdensome. If you do own a car, try to use it as little as possible. If you don't have a car, then you can use alternative methods of transportation, like bike, bus, or get some exercise by going on foot!