E portfolio: Investigate

My Technology Design Cycle Report

Problem Define

The problem is student can't access there school work

  • Sharing to other people
  • Forgetting things
  • Can't demonstrate their work so the student lost their work
  • They don't know what have they do in

Design brief

My task is to design, plan and create your own e portfolio and to show your own work and demonstrate your progress over the year then evaluate the effectiveness of the product.


Who use e portfolio and why?

Student use e portfolio to show their work. They put work of every subject in their e portfolio.

Different types and style of e portfolio

There are three different types of e portfolio :

1. Developmental: learning portfolios, reflection portfolios, formative portfolios, working portfolios)

2. Assessment portfolio: summative portfolio, generally used by instructors and educators)

3. Showcase: professional portfolios, formal portfolios, presentation portfolios, representational portfolios, career or employment portfolios)

Design specification

The product I create must :

  • be free
  • must be accessible in variety of electronic that we can use
  • be able to to store work produce in all classes
  • contain section/pages for all MYP subjects, MIA and C&S

  • Have a homepage that explain both who the student is and an introduction and explanation of the e portfolio, furthermore, their must be a photo of the student
  • have a good URL &/or Title
  • be professional and academic... not cute, funny, silly, etc.

Testing method

I will test my product. The test group consist people will be Kimberly,Max,Gesine,Tokna and Avril.I'm getting 5 people and it will happen on September 17th and 18th. The people that are testing my product will use the Criteria to test my product.

Definition of e Portfolio

e Portfolio is electronic portfolio. Electronic portfolio is a collection of a students work. It can be produce by simple tools such as presentation,writting, typing and recording.