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iReady, How to Find out How Your Students Did on the Diagnostic Assessment

This video will share how to look through your class' results in iReady. You will want to review this, if there are students that rushed, I HIGHLY encourage you to have the student retake the diagnostic. The lessons are only as good as the information gleaned during the assessment. I can reset it or I will be happy to share with you how you can do this. More info to come!:)

Questions that Have Been Asked about iReady Instruction, After Diagnostic is Complete

How much time is needed for instruction, once diagnostic is complete?
One hour per week is recommended, for students below grade level 1 to 2 1/2 hours is recommended for students.

How to I know what students are struggling in iReady?
-on your teacher homepage, select, "How students are struggling with online lessons?
-yellow alert-failed one lesson twice, lesson is now turned off
-orange alert-failed two lessons, in a row, in the same domain-domain is shut off
Check this twice a week.
What do I do if I have a yellow or orange alert?
-select the student's name, this will take you to the Student Response to Instruction Report

How long are lessons?
20-30 minutes, You can look under the Assignments tab, select Student Lesson Plan (blue bar), select specific student to see lessons and actual length of time for each lesson.
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Why did we code in PBL classes in December? Meet the founder of

Mr. Partovi shares why he feels students need to learn how to code, a glimpse into the future of our children. He has an incredible life story. Ask your students about their time in PBL lab. Angela, the folks at Microsoft, county representatives and I were blown away at what our students could do.
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