About me, and my family

BY: Silvestre Bernabe

About Me

I live in Plains, KS. I go to school at South Western Heights. I am in 7th grade. I like video games. I like basketball, football, and soccer. I like the Seahawks.

more About me

Hi my name is Silvestre. My second favorite color is red. I am playing basketball. My second favorite brand is Nike. I live in Plains, KS, United States. My street road is Cottonwood. I live by Mr. Abert my sixth grade teacher.

My favorite sports


Christmas Songs - We Wish You A Merry Cristmas by cucucuc1000
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Stuff I like

Hardest Hits in College Football 2012-2013 ᴴᴰ ✔

Stuff we did in class

More About Me

I was born on 2001, November, 29. I barely turned 13 about a week ago. I am originally from California.

About My Family


My family lives in plains with me. My mom came from California. My dad came from California. My mom works and seaboard. My dad works at Colorado, Fort Morgan. My big brother is going to the Marine Corps. My big sister Veterinarian. My little brother wants to be a game inventor. I also have a dog named Buddy he is a husky. I have a cat too her name is Mittens. I want to be in the Marine Corps.

More about my family

My mom (Mina) likes the Kansas City Chiefs, and my little brother. My big brother (Emilio) likes the Sooners. My sister (Sofia) likes OSU. My dad (Javier) likes the Raiders. And I like the Seahawks. My moms favorite color is purple. My dads favorite color is blue. My big brothers color is red. My little brother favorite color is dark pink. My big sisters favorite color is green. My favorite color is blue.


Stop Bullying Video

bullying is not right. Stop it so other can be themselves.
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My dads Birth day

Wednesday, Dec. 10th, 5pm

Plains, KS, United States

Plains, KS

He is going to turn 45 years old. There is also a meteor shower during12-13 of December.