Who is he?

  • Balder was the god of light

  • Son of Odin and Frigg

  • Husband of the goddess Nanna

Balder was loved by every god and goddess

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The only legends about Balder are about his death

The Start of his Death

  • Balder started having dreams of his death and he told his parents about it. They viewed his dreams as predictions of his death and took it very seriously
  • His worried mother traveled all over the world and talked to every living organism. She made them promise to never hurt her son
  • She reached every single organism and made them promise, except for one mistletoe plant. She passed over it because it was too young to make a promise


  • Loki was the god that killed Balder

  • Loki was mad at Balder's family for killing his wife and putting his son in prison

  • So to get back at them, he planned to kill Balder

How he died

  • Some of the gods made a game of throwing sharp objects at Balder. They would bounce right off him and he wouldn't get hurt
  • Loki learned about the one mistletoe plant that never made the promise to not hurt Balder
  • He found the plant and used it to make a spear
  • Loki then joined the game and threw the spear at Balder, it didn't bounce off of him because the plant never made the promise
  • The spear killed him

After his death

  • After his death, Balder's body was put on his ship and the ship was set on fire


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