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AO Scan Mobile Is Here!

Over the last 12 years, AO Scan technology was sold exclusively to practitioners and holistic health clinics around the world that spent upwards of $35,000. This is the exact same technology offered by Solex today at a tiny fraction of the price and is available to the public! *Also available as an app.

AO Scan Technology was inspired by Tesla, Einstein, and other renowned scientists. It is designed to communicate with the body using subtle energy and bio frequencies. Solex has compiled a proprietary database of over 120,000 beneficial Blueprint Frequencies that our hand-held technology allows you to compare with your personal frequencies. Variances are directed back toward homeostasis - the body’s natural state of balance - through energetic optimization.

AO Scan Technology comes with four types of scans that you can perform on yourself, your family, or your clients: Quick Scan, Inner-Voice Scan, Vital Scan, and Comprehensive Scan. At the end of each scan, you can run a Frequency Restore for any area that is out of alignment. The results of most scans can be printed or emailed for further review by a physician, or health practitioner.

In addition to the scanning and restore features, the AO Scan provides a fifth feature known as SEFI. The Subtle Energy Frequency Imprinter (SEFI). This fascinating technology is designed to capture, amplify, and imprint subtle energy frequencies into any element or item.

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Here's a basic breakdown of how each AO Mobile Scan component works:

1. Quick Scan:

The Quick Scan technology performs morning, midday, and evening scans. As part of the scan process, you can upload the supplements and therapies utilized in your morning, midday, and evening routines. The Quick Scan process uses a sound harmonizing technique that generates a balancing audio frequency. The results provide a frequency recording that balances your current emotional state. The results also recommend colors and provide musical tones to assist in creating the balance you need.

The color corresponds to the light wave optical glasses you need. Reported low and high octaves indicate frequencies that are out of range. This feature allows you to upload and add your supplements and therapies so the associated frequencies display in your scan results and indicate those that help restore balance. The Quick Scan also has energetic frequencies for clearing and shielding your state of balance and energy.

Clearing allows you to eliminate negative vibrations from your surroundings. Shielding protects you against any negative vibrations or energy. In addition, the Quick Scan conducts 3-minute boost sessions to optimize your energetic state for various categories. The frequency boost feature offers the following categories: Super Charge, Focus, Zen, Grounding, Neuro Aerobic. All the scans in the Quick Scan feature are designed to be performed every day.

2. Inner-Voice Scan:

The Inner-Voice technology uses a sound harmonizing technique that generates a balancing audio frequency derived from the voice spectrum in humans to diminish frequencies that are in excess and supplement frequencies that we lack. The Inner-Voice records your voice and analyzes twelve note frequencies C, C#, D, D#, E, F, F#, G, G#, A, A#, and B.

The Inner-Voice report will display three notes or octaves that are excessively out of balance (or over-compensated), as well as the main octave that is being suppressed. The Inner-Voice reports will also generate the balancing octaves that can assist to create balance in the body. The report will include 4 audio files (MP3) that correspond to each of the balancing octaves outlined in the report.

3. Vitals Scan:

The Vitals Scan mode of the AO Scan Technology performs a complete scan of over 550 Blueprint Frequencies associated with each bodily function and performs the analysis in under one minute. This specific scan is a concise snapshot of the Blueprint Frequencies in relationship to the frequencies being produced by the blood, organs, glands, and systems of the body. The scan generates a 24-page data report. The results display the frequencies that are out of range with any blueprint.

4. Comprehensive Scan:

The Comprehensive Scan technology performs a detailed scan of the frequencies from over 130 organs, cells, bones, and chromosomes. The Comprehensive Scan provides a graphical report that displays variances from homeostasis ranging from 1-9. Numbers 1-4 represent an underactive or hypofunctioning frequencies.

Number 5 represents the optimal stage of blueprint balance. Numbers 6-9 represent an overactive or hyperfunctioning frequencies. Frequency optimization will pick up anything out of range and will generate canceling frequencies that will help you balance your organs or system to achieve a state of homeostasis (complete balance).

5. SEFI Scan:

The Subtle Energy Frequency Imprinter (SEFI) technology is designed to capture, amplify, and imprint subtle energy frequencies, and can either broadcast or imprint those frequencies into any element or item. The broadcasting and imprinting categories included in this technology are: Quantum Reach, Quantum Frequency, Quantum Affirmations, Quantum Flowers, Quantum Chakras, Quantum HomeoEnergetix, and Inner HomeoEnergetix.

What to expect from an AO Scan mobile session

The AO Scan procedure evaluates the entire body’s natural magnetic field to detect illnesses and abnormalities. A vital scan report establishes the body’s baseline by scanning over 3,000 items, referencing over 80,000 points, and analyzing over 250,000 pieces of data that are broadcasted back and forth into the body. The points are queried 15 different ways to confirm their accuracy. This phase only takes less than 2 minutes to complete.

After the scan is complete, the next step is a frequency optimization. A frequency optimization helps to create custom frequencies based on the feedback from the body. The machine returns these frequencies back into the body at the correct duration to correct the imbalances detected during your initial scan.

Once the frequency optimization is complete, a 24-page report is produced. This report divides 650+ areas of our health into 47 categories like environmental and food allergies, bacterial, viral, fungal and parasitic diseases, heavy metals, genetic problems, hormonal problems, GI problems, eye health, kidney function, and reproductive function. The report consists of two scans side by side: your original scan and the scan after your frequency optimization. This is done to show which areas improved and which areas still require attention. The report also specifically looks into amino acids, vitamins, minerals, parasitic load, and collagen index; this information helps to determine the correct nutraceuticals that are needed to bring the body back into balance.

The final stage of the scan is the comprehensive analysis. This analysis utilizes the AO Scan database, an encyclopedia that provides us with information on how certain issues can affect different parts of the body. Comprehensive analysis allows us to pinpoint exactly where your previously discovered challenges are in your body and how they are impacting your glands, organs, tissues, and systems. By testing each of your results against a pre-recorded counterpart in the database, the system can then create a specific frequency optimization to correct those challenges.

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