The Iditarod Race HISTORY!!!

By: Jack Olson and Anna Salerno

When the Iditarod starts

  • The first Saturday of March
  • The current trail was made in 1973

The Mushers

  • the mushers are the sled drivers
  • the mushers take care and feed the dogs
  • the dogs require endurence

Iditarod backround

  • at least five dogs have to finish
  • "Last Great Race on Earth" is another name for the Iditarod
  • takes about ten to seventeen days
  • Compete for $ 69000 and a new Truck


  • Starts in Anchorage and ends in Nome
  • 1100 miles long

Diphtheria backround

  • Diphtheria is a disease that has killed over 10000
  • Mushers will deliver medicine for the disease during the race
  • Many kids deepened on the medicine