All About Me !

By : Nicklaus Mason

About me

Hi, I am Nicklaus Mason. I love playing sports and hanging out with my family. My family includes my dad Scott, my mom Debbie, and my dog Riglee. We love to have fun and play a lot of sports. I love sports. I play golf, baseball, and basketball; however, my favorite sport is golf. When I grow up, I want to be on the PGA Tour and I want to win a lot of tournaments. My goal is to win more major tournaments than Jack Nicklaus, who leads with 18 majors. My favorite golfer is Jack Nicklaus for whom I am named after.

My Fifth Grade Goals

It is important for me to set high standards for myself as a student. The goals I have set for myself for my fifth grade year are to be able to write more complex paragraphs and stories. I also want to be able to solve more challenging math problems. I know with hard work and focus, I will be able to meet these goals.

My Favorite Things

Meet My Family

My family is very important to me. My Mom and Dad are the best parents ever! This picture was taken recently at an anniversary party in Pittsburg, Kansas. This was a special memory from the summer. My family likes to have fun and enjoy our time together. I am a very lucky child.