You thought you knew him. You were dead wrong...

Story by Stephen Petrucha

The Ripper

Carver is trying to find his father. Too bad he isn't able to travel outside of New York. He lives at Ellis Orphanage with Delia and others. He steals a note in his file and it seems to be letter a from his father.

Days later it is an adoption day. Delia gets adopted by a rich family and Carver gets adopted by Albert Hawkings. Albert tells Carver that he has been chosen to be a Detective at the Pinkerton Detective Agency. Carver is excited.

Albert takes Carver to the base under a clothing store. An elevator takes them down. The agency has very intelligent people there and they made a jet powered elevator. They also made a steam-powered carriage.

Anyway, they get started on the ripper copycat. Every week a woman is killed. Each woman corresponds with a woman the ripper killed in Whitechapel. Carver starts to suspect that this really is Jack, and that is when things get crazy.

Hawkings starts to disappear and show up at the crime scenes injured. And when the next victim Carver suspects turns out to be Delia's rich guardian, he becomes confused because the ripper only targeted poor woman, not rich. He stakes out their house and is ambushed by Saucy Jack himself!

Days later, Carver is on a train back from Ellis Island from looking for info on his father. He sees Hawkings on it and on his way there Hawkings gets up, pops his back into place, peels off a face mask, and smiles. Carver realized that there never was a Hawkings, just the ripper. The ripper explains to Carver that he is his father and runs. Carver follows and they end up on the top of the train. Carver knocks off Jack the Ripper and he then falls as well. When Carver wakes up, he is gone.Carver ends up in the hospital and Roosevelt is there to greet him. They never found the ripper...

Carver Young

Carver young is a kid who would risk his life to save almost anyone. He is an expert lock-pick detective. His skills earn his way into the Pinkerton Detective Agency. Carver is somewhat skinny and blonde. He does not have much common sense and is rather impatient. He learns the truth about the ones closest to him and is hesitant on who to trust...


Delia is a very close friend to Carver. They grew up together in an orphanage and would consider each other brother and sister. She gets adopted by a rich family and becomes a reporter for the newspaper. She is a kindhearted girl and would do anything to protect her friends. She is very smart and wise. She is pretty and has brown hair.

Albert Hawkings

Albert is highly intelligent and is part of the Pinkerton Detective Agency. He is one of the only remaining detectives left at Pinkerton. He adopted Carver and took him in. He and Carver are on the case of the ripper copycat. He is hunchbacked and old. He also has a dangerous secret...


He is a jolly police commissioner of NYC. He ends up being Mr. President, but that is in the future.


SETTING: New York, early 1900's

CONFLICT: Carver is finding and fighting a mysterious man or creature...


AUTHOR'S THEME: What you are looking for may be right under nose...

New York City, early 1900's

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